Faculty branding and logo

St Cross Building as used in the logo

The Faculty logo can be used on promotional material by Law Faculty academic and research staff who are jointly organising academic events either with other departments in Oxford or with other academic institutions.  If the event is partially funded by the Faculty then it is expected that the Faculty logo is displayed on related materials.

How to use it

  • Please see the Branding Guidelines for full details.
  • The logo must not be cropped, or the Faculty component used without the University part, except that, in order to avoid unnecessary repetition, the University of Oxford element may be omitted, if the following conditions apply:
    • The University of Oxford logo appears elsewhere on the same page/screen of a design, and
    • no other University's logo features with equal prominence among the branding elements of the design.
      • (Another University's logo may appear prominently in the body text of a page, for example, but it is important to avoid any ambiguity about which Faculty of Law our logo refers to.)
  • Both the University and Faculty logos have a thin white border around the blue square. this must not be removed.
  • The logo must not be altered in colour or shape (i.e. both boxes must be square).

What is shown here, and which one(s) to download

When viewed on a typical desktop screen and browser window, you should be seeing the images below displayed at their natural (ie original) sizes.

On a mobile device, or within a narrow browser window, some are likely to have been resized. Several versions may happen to look the same on your current screen, but the actual size of the stored images varies, so...

...when you download a logo (right-click or long press | Save image as...) be sure to select the most appropriate size by checking the caption. (It's usually okay to resize down, but not to scale up.)

Complete logos - with University logo

Law complete logo 630px x 300px Complete Law logo 630px x 300px

Law complete logo 473px x 225px Complete Law logo 473px x 225px

Law complete logo 315px x 150px Complete Law logo 315px x 150px

Law complete logo 210px x 100px Complete Law logo 210px x 100px

If you need to use a particularly large version of the logos - for example on a conference poster or pull-up display banner, you should try this:

This can be enlarged (or reduced) almost infinitely, but cannot be used in all contexts (eg on this website!)

Faculty logo on its own

Law logo 300px x 300px Law logo 300px x 300px

Law logo 225px x 225px Law logo 225px x 225px

Law logo 150px x 150px Law logo 150px x 150px

Law logo 100px x 100px Law logo 100px x 100px

Social media special version

Law logo for social media Law logo for social media (284px x 284px)

LinkedIn banner

Law logo for social media Law LinkedIn banner (1584px x 396px)

Email Footer

This document contains the Faculty's standard email footer and instructions on how to insert it into Outlook.

Law Faculty Branded letterhead

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