During my UNIQ experience, I was able to meet people with similar interests and aspirations, which made the week truly enjoyable. The Law Faculty provided us with challenging and thought-provoking lectures and tasks which furthered my interest in the subject. My favourite part of the week was the moot because I love debating and considering things from different viewpoints. Overall, my UNIQ experience was a positive one and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Fatima, Lady Margaret Hall

To spend one week learning about law seemed daunting to me, especially since I’d never done it before, but I can definitely say it was one of the best experiences. It made me think about studying law through interesting and strange discussions such as whether you can write a cheque on a cow! I enjoyed the debates and the mooting the most because it was about aspect of law that I’d never considered before. I felt excited for the days ahead that were often packed with a variety of exciting workshops and lectures.  During the evenings, we were able to have social time whereby I tried out rowing for the first time (it’s much harder than it looks!) I thoroughly enjoyed UNIQ and would encourage anyone to seize this opportunity since I was able to make new friends and have all my questions answered. It showed me that law is the right degree for me and has inspired me to apply to Oxford.

Amal, Lady Margaret Hall

My name is Aleksandra and I took part in the UNIQ Oxford Summer School 2017. Studying Law on the programme for a week has really given me a taste of what studying the subject at university would be like, as well as given me the opportunity to make new friends, explore the university, and ask any questions that I had. My favourite part of the Law Summer School was definitely the mooting experience, where we were encouraged to form an argument using cases that were provided to us as we then presented our moot to an Oxford Lecturer. I find this was very useful as we were provided with excellent advice and helpful tips on how we could improve. The UNIQ ambassadors and everyone involved have also been very friendly and motivating and I could not recommend the UNIQ Law Summer School enough if you're thinking of applying to study Law at University!

Aleksandra, Hertford College

Having the opportunity to study at one of the best universities in the world for one of its most competitive courses was invaluable as the insight they give you is outstanding. The use of tutors and students help to give you a better understanding of what truly goes on in Oxford University, ranging from tutorials to support given by specific services. The lectures given were extremely interesting and varied since it included many recent developments, such as Gina Miller's case for Brexit, whilst there were also some many will not have thought of, for instance the claims put forward by sufferers from asbestos. Overall, my week at UNIQ Summer School was one of the best experiences in my life and I urge anyone who wishes to know what it is like to study law at a top institution to apply.

Bijendra, Brasenose College

The Sutton Trust

I attended the Oxford Sutton Trust summer school and it was an incredibly insightful and enjoyable experience. I was taught about a range of different types of law, such as contract law, whilst also being able to attend useful lectures such as how to do well in the LNAT and where we could take our law degree - which gave us a chance to meet two solicitors from an astounding law firm. This opportunity was fantastic as it did not only expand my knowledge but also encouraged me to make new friends during the countless social activities we undertook, including a fun scavenger hunt around the town.

Rhiann, Pembroke College

Freshfields ExpLaw

I attended to the Freshfields law summer school ran in Oxford, 2017, and it has given me such a memorable experience and chance to see the real and unique university life. Throughout the two days, we recieved a range of lectures and talks by outstanding experts but each one was always exciting and fun. I enjoyed being challenged by different situations where law could be applied, and learnt many great concepts such as the 'chain of causation'.  Most importantly, I got to meet new people and learnt different ideas when approaching law. On the other hand, I got to interact with genuine and enthusiastic law students there, who were always happy to help and answer to any of my questions. Overall, Freshfields has exceeded my expectations and made me more certain that Law was what i wanted to do. It was a genuine and fantastic opportunity, and I hope more people will get to experience it.