Faculty members are reminded that reports on BCL and MJur students should no longer be submited via OxCORT, and should instead be sent to the BCL/MJur Course Administrator in Week 7 of each term.

Post holders may receive recognition / remuneration for BCL/MJur tutorials by one or more of the following:

1. Counting tutorials against Faculty stint.  A one-hour graduate tutorial counts as one unit of stint (i.e. three one-hour graduate tutorials count as one hour of contractual lecturing or teaching obligation).  This option does not require Faculty approval.

2. Buyouts, for those with college stint and who are giving a substantial number of tutorials.  It is possible to organise a buyout of college tutorial teaching for the purpose of BCL/MJur tutorial provision.  This is an exceptional arrangement that applies only to BCL/MJur tutorials; the Faculty cannot ordinarily buy out College stint to cover Faculty teaching. 

The Faculty has a standard buyout rate for BCL/MJur tutorials which is based on the former 'higher' rate set by the Senior Tutors' Committee; this is calculated by taking the first point of the Associate Professor (TF-College) college scale and dividing that by the relevant number of college tutorial hours (normally 8 or 12), to arrive at a figure per annualised hour.  Only if a college is actually paying stipendiary rates for replacing this teaching will the Faculty consider payment at the new higher rate.  This Faculty rate only applies to BCL/MJur tutorial buyouts; for all standard buyouts the normal Senior Tutors' Committee Rates will apply.

To be eligible for this type of buyout, the postholder must fully meet their University stint through other means, and Faculty approval will be conditional upon College approval.    This option requires advance approval by the Vice Chair of the Law Board and should be renewed annually.  In the first instance, please apply in writing to charlotte.vinnicombe@law.ox.ac.uk as far in advance as possible.  Please ensure that you alert your college to the Faculty's BCL/MJur buyout rate (point one of Grade 39S divided by 8 or 12, as applicable) at the time you make the request for the buyout. 

3. Payment by the Faculty.  If you intend to take this option, it is expected that all stint requirements (if applicable) will have been met before a claim for additional payment is made. 

To claim payment, please contact payroll@law.ox.ac.uk at the end of the relevant term with details of the subject and how many tutorials were taught.  The group size is not needed, as payment is always made at a rate equivalent to the Senior Tutors’ Committee rate for four in a group, currently £41.18 per hour (under review).  This rate of pay includes includes payment for preparation for the tutorial and for marking tutorial work.

4. BCL/MJur Collections

Payment for setting and marking collections may be made using the standard Senior Tutors’ Committee rates.  These are currently: (a) for a collection paper that is specially devised: one third of the single tutorial, £8.63, and (b) for the marking of collection papers - half the single hourly rate per script, £12.95 per script.  This work cannot be counted against stint, and payment should be claimed on an overtime form, obtained from the Personnel Officer, Emma Gascoigne (payroll@law.ox.ac.uk).

Anyone who does not hold a teaching post in the Faculty should refer to the page on Additional Teaching