What's my stint?  See the section on Stint Obligation.

What additional measures are in place at the moment to support me?  See the section on Additional Measures to support academics during the pandemic (SSO required).  

Weighting of teaching activities

When calculating stint fulfilment, the weighting of teaching activities is as follows:

Teaching (Hours)*Weighting (Units)
1-hour BCL/MJur tutorial1 unit

1-hour lecture or seminar

3 units
Shared 1-hour lecture or seminar3 units divided equally between the number leading the seminar (if your arrangements vary from this you need to let us know)

* For information about what counts as teaching for stint purposes, please consult the section on Defining Faculty teaching to calculate stint (SSO required).  

Weighting of supervision

When including supervision as part of stint fulfilment (which increases the overall stint obligation; see the section on including research supervision here) supervision activities count as follows:

SupervisionWeighting (Units)
Supervision of research student (years 1-3)24 units per year (12 for joint supervision)
Supervision of research student (after year 3)12 per year (6 for joint supervision)
Supervision of BCL/MJur/MSc dissertation8 per year (4 for joint supervision)
Supervision of Recognised Graduate Student2 stint points per student per term

If you are formally appointed by the Faculty as a mentor to a postdoctoral researcher (e.g. British Academy or Leverhulme), this may be counted against stint (with effect from 1 October 2019)

12 units per year

Further explanation

Statutory Professorships are not unitised, only Associate Professorships and other academic posts that include a teaching obligation.

Thus, a one-hour BCL/MJur tutorial counts as one unit for postholders with a unitised stint.  Three one-hour BCL/MJur tutorials count as one lecturing hour for statutory professors.

A one-hour lecture counts as three units for postholders with a unitised stint, and as one lecturing hour for statutory professors.

Supervision is not counted in units for statutory professors, and does not count against a professor’s 36-hour lecturing obligation. 

The following guidelines relate to postholders’ Faculty stint only, (i.e. University rather than College stint) and are designed to make it easier for postholders to count their stint correctly. 

1.   A one-hour seminar, class or lecture prima facie counts as three units of stint. In the context of Faculty teaching, a class is more usually referred to as a seminar.  To avoid any possible confusion, a 'class' for these purposes does not include a class given as part of college teaching.  If you are unclear whether something should or should not count, it is best to contact the Vice Dean. 

2. Whether a postholder is entitled to count seminar teaching towards his or her stint, and whether a seminar series is treated as the responsibility of two or more post holders, is ordinarily determined by reference to the person or persons named alongside the seminar series in the lecture list. 

Thus, if one postholder is listed next to a seminar series of eight two-hour seminars, that postholder will be entitled to treat this as 48 units of stint (or 16 measures of stint).  If two postholders are listed next to a series of eight two-hour seminars, those postholders will be entitled to treat this as 24 units of stint each (or 8 measures of stint each).  If three postholders are listed, they will each be entitled to treat it as 16 units of stint (or 5.3 measures of stint each), and so on.

Where this outcome does not reflect the actual division of labour between the postholders, the postholders may agree an alternative division of the total number of stint measures for the seminar series. So, for example, where A and B conduct four of the two-hour seminars together, C leads three on her own and D leads one on his own, A and B could each count four measures, C could count six measures and D could count two measures, out of the available total of 16.  Any questions about alternative counting mechanisms should be referred to the Vice Dean.

3. Jurisprudence mini-option class teaching by postholders may be counted against either Faculty or College stint (at the discretion of the post holder).  To count it against College stint, add it to OxCORT as 6 hours of teaching, and enter the total number of students in the class. To count it against Faculty stint, record it as 6 hours of seminars in the annual teaching return. Please note that over-stint payments cannot be made by the Faculty for this teaching.  (For those with no Faculty stint, payment for these classes should always be claimed through OxCORT.)

4.   Where a repeat teaching session is provided by the same individual – as where a seminar group is divided in two to keep the numbers down – the first session counts in full, and the repeat session counts as half.

5. Special arrangements can apply to BCL/MJur tutorials.  Please note that any BCL/MJur tutorial buyouts must be arranged in advance of the teaching taking place.  The setting and marking of BCL/MJur collections cannot be set against stint, but payment can be requested from the Faculty at the standard Senior Tutors' Committee rates.  

The above are only guidelines, and may not cover some of the teaching a post holder has given, or may lead to teaching counting for less or more than it should.  In such cases, the post holder should contact the Vice Dean to discuss how such teaching should be counted.