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On 7 March 2024, the Oxford Centre for Competition Law and Policy, in collaboration with The Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies, Loyola University Chicago, and the Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, hosted a conference on Competition In Service of Democracy. 

Papers presented, included:  

Spencer Weber Waller - Loyola University Chicago, on 'Principles for a More Democratic Competition Policy'

Edith Loozen - Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics, on ‘How democracy defines competition law’

Laura Phillips-Sawyer - University of Georgia, on 'Reimagining Market Power: The Contested Parameters of American Democracy, Antitrust Enforcement, and Economic Thought since WWII'

Elias Deutscher - UEA & European Commission, on 'Markets as Institutions of Antipower'

William E. Kovacic - George Washington University, on 'Competition Policy, Democracy and the Military Industrial Complex'

Kati Cseres - University of Amsterdam, on 'The “democracy puzzle” of EU competition law'

Maciej Bernatt - University of Warsaw, 'Democracy and Competition Law as the Spheres of Mutual Influence'

Yossi Spiegel - Tel Aviv University, on 'Economic insights on Competition and Democracy'

Ariel Ezrachi - CCLP, and  Viktoria H.S.E. Robertson - Vienna University of Economics and Business, on 'Can Competition Law Save Democracy? - Reflections on Democracy’s Tech-Driven Decline and How to Stop It'

Papers presented at the event, will be published in the Journal of Antitrust Enforcement.

The event also served as opportunity to launch the Competition Law and Democracy Network, which will strive to deepen discussion on the various interfaces between competition law enforcement, competitive markets and democracy. 

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CCLP Democracy and competition event
CCLP Democracy and competition event

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To join the network mailing list, please email:   You will be sent a confirmation request, and once you reply to it, a message confirming that you are a subscriber.