Ariel Ezrachi

Faculty officer role(s):

Director of the Centre for Competition Law and Policy


Ariel Ezrachi is the Slaughter and May Professor of Competition Law and a Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford. He serves as the Director of the University of Oxford Centre for Competition Law and Policy.

He is co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Antitrust Enforcement (OUP) and the author, co-author, editor and co-editor of numerous books, including How Big Tech Barons Smash Innovation and How to Strike Back (2022, HarperCollins),  Competition Overdose (2020, HarperCollins), Virtual Competition - The Promise and Perils of the Algorithm Driven Economy (2016, Harvard), EU Competition Law - An Analytical Guide to the Leading Cases (7th ed, 2021, Hart), Competition and Antitrust Law - VSI (2021, OUP), Global Antitrust Compliance Handbook (2014, OUP), Research Handbook on International Competition Law (2012 EE), Intellectual Property and Competition Law: New Frontiers (2011, OUP), Criminalising Cartels: Critical Studies of an International Regulatory Movement (2011, Hart), Article 82 EC - Reflections on its recent evolution (2009, Hart) and Private Labels, Brands and Competition Policy (2009, OUP).

His recently published papers focus on the digital economy, e-commerce, parity clauses, marketplace bans, vertical agreements, buyer power and the limits of competition law. They include the award winning papers 'Sponge', 'Artificial Intelligence & Collusion', and 'Sustainable and Unchallenged Algorithmic Tacit Collusion'. He is also author of the BEUC consultation paper on 'EU competition law and digital economy' and co-author of the report on 'Digital Platforms' (Stigler Center, Chicago University, Booth School of Business) and the Independent Expert Report on Digitalisation and its Impact on Innovation (EU Commission).  

His research and commentary have been featured in The EconomistThe New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Guardian (opinion), The Guardian, Nikkei, Times Higher EducationHarvard Business Review, HBR (2), Berkeley Technology Law JournalChicago University Pro Market, New Scientist, PoliticoPolitico-pro, Politico-Tec, China DailyOBLB, WIRED, ClickBBC, BBC Radio 4CPI, Bloomberg, Concurrences, GCRThe Scotsman, The Times, Sunday Times, Fast Company, Nesta, NewStatesmanUNCTAD, OECD, Forbes, Factor, The Australian, NRC 2016, NRC 2018, Business Insider, CMS Wire, WorkologyCited, IAI, Les Echos, ACCCZDnet, Financial Express, CLI, SinaProject-syndicate, and other international outlets. 

His work on algorithmic collusion (together with Prof Stucke) has been central to policy discussions in international organisations and competition agencies (including, among others, the CMA, OECD, UN, ICNHouse of Lords, Monopolkommission, Autorite de la concurrence and the Bundeskartellamt).

He is part of a reserch project on Competition Policy and Economic Inequality, funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Prof. Ezrachi develops training and capacity building programmes in competition law and policy for the private and public sectors, including training programmes for European judges endorsed and subsidised by the European Commission. He is an Academic Advisor to the European Consumer Organisation - BEUC, member of the Independent Committee on Digital Platforms, member of UNCTAD Research Partnership Platform, and a former Non-Governmental Advisor to the ICN.