CCLP (L) 01Alden F Abbott

A Brief Overview of American Antitrust Law

PDF 249kB

US Federal Trade Commission
CCLP (L) 02Alden F Abbott

A Brief Comparison of European and American Antitrust Law

PDF 179kB

US Federal Trade Commission
CCLP (L) 03P A Walsh

Customers as Powerful Competitors

PDF 101kB

CCLP (L) 04Assimakis P Komninos

Non-competition Concerns: Resolution of Conflicts in the Integrated Article 81 EC

PDF 243kB

White & Case
CCLP (L) 05Mitja Kocmut

The Role of Efficiency Considerations Under the EU Merger Control

PDF 300kB

St Edmund Hall, Oxford
CCLP (L) 06Kathy Y Lee

The WTO Dispute Settlement and Anti-competitive Practices: Lessons Learnt from Trade Disputes

PDF 312kB

University College, Oxford
CCLP (L) 07Ariel Ezrachi

Merger Control and Cross Border Transactions: A Pragmatic View on Cooperation & Convergence

PDF 233kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (L) 08Ariel Ezrachi

Under (and Over) Prescribing of Behavioural Remedies

PDF 158kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (L) 09Peter R Willis

The Privilege Against Self-incrimination in Competition Investigations

PDF 459kB

Taylor Wessing
CCLP (L) 10Donald I Baker

Network Effects and Essential Facilities

PDF 190kB

Baker & Miller PLC
CCLP (L) 11Masanao Nakagawa

Indonesian Competition Law and Some Suggestions for Improvement

PDF 239kB

Kanto Gakuin University, Japan
CCLP (L) 12Christian R Fackelmann

Dynamic Efficiency Considerations in EC Merger Control

PDF 641kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (L) 13Phil Evans

Assessing Consumer Detriment

PDF 157kB

FIPRA International
CCLP (L) 14Philip Marsden and Peter Whelan

Consumer Detriment and its Application in EC and UK Competition Law

PDF 173kB

British Institute of International and Comaprative Law
CCLP (L) 15Paul A Walsh

Copycat Packaging and the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive

PDF 74kB

CCLP (L) 16Ioannis Kokkoris

Critical Loss Analysis

PDF 101kB

Office of Fair Trading
CCLP (L) 17Brent Fisse

The Proposed Australian CartelOoffence: The Problematic and Unnecessary Element of Dishonesty

PDF 401kB

University of Sydney
CCLP (L) 18Peter Whelan

Report on the Third Annual Symposium on Retail Competition

PDF 158kB

British Institute of International and Comparative Law
CCLP (L) 19Peter Whelan

Report on the Fourth Annual Symposium on Retail Competition

PDF 158kB

British Institute of International and Comparative Law
CCLP (L) 20Peter Thalmann

Refusals to Deal – The Role of Long-term Effects in the Design of Remedies

PDF 262kB

Vienna University of Economics and Business
CCLP (L) 21Alemayehu Fentaw

Ethiopian Unfair Competition Law

PDF 201kB

Jimma University
CCLP (L) 22Caron Beaton and Brent Fisse

The Cartel Offences: An Elemental Pathology

PDF 640kB

Melbourne Law School
CCLP (L) 23Albert Sánchez Graells

Distortions of Competition Generated by the Public (Power) Buyer: A Perceived Gap in EC Competition Law and Proposals to Bridge It

PDF 698kB

Universidad Pontificia de Comillas – ICADE
CCLP (L) 24Maria Alexopoulou

EC Competition Rules in Public Procurement Cases: A Ground for Judicial Review?

PDF 249kB

University of Athens
CCLP (L) 25Ariel Ezrachi

The European Commission Guidance on Article 82 EC – The Way in which Institutional Realities Limit the Potential for Reform

PDF 492kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (L) 26Jörg Philipp Terhechte

International Competition Enforcement Law – Between Cooperation and Convergence

PDF 552kB

Universität Hamburg
CCLP (L) 27Ariel Ezrachi

Unchallenged Market Power? The Tale of Supermarkets, Private labels and Competition Law

PDF 136kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (L) 28David George

Report on the Sixth Annual Symposium on Retail Competition

PDF 245kB

CCLP (L) 29Magdalena Laskowska

Dynamic Efficiencies and Technological Progress in EC Merger Control

PDF 696kB

University of Paris II Pantheon-Assas
CCLP (L) 30Robert L SteinerThe Determinants of Brands’ Market Power - Are They Changing?Independent Economist
CCLP (L) 31Robert L Steiner

How Interactions between Vertical and Horizontal Competition Determine Welfare Outcomes in Consumer Goods Industries

PDF 254kB

Independent Economist
CCLP (L) 32Ariel Ezrachi

Cross Border Transfer of Wealth

PDF 468kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (L) 33Davis George

Report on the Seventh Annual Symposium on Retail Competition

PDF 326kB

CCLP (L) 34Catherine Nicholson and Bob Young

The Relationship between Supermarkets and Suppliers: What are the Implications for Consumers?


Consumers International
CCLP (L) 35José Carlos Laguna de Paz

Judicial Review in European Competition Law

PDF 756kB

University of Valladolid
CCLP (L) 36Hussein Ahmed Tura

Ethiopian Merger Regulation

PDF 498kB

Ambo University School of Law
CCLP (L) 37Andrea Usai

The Intel Case: Between Tomra Systems ASA, the Commission’s Guidance on Enforcement Priorities, and the Alleged Infringement of Procedural Requirements

PDF 696kB

Universities of Bologna and Strasbourg
CCLP (L) 38Ariel Ezrachi and Maurice E. Stucke

The Curious Case of Competition and Quality

PDF 573kB

Univeristy of Oxford & University of Tennessee College of Law
CCLP (L) 39Ariel Ezrachi and Ketan Ahuja

Private Labels, Brands and Competition Law Enforcement

PDF 375kB

University of Oxford
CCLP  (L) 40Ariel Ezrachi and Maurice E. Stucke

Artificial Intelligence and Collusion: When Computers Inhibit Competition

PDF 604kB

University of Oxford & University of Tennessee College of Law
CCLP (L) 41Omar Vásquez Duque

Excessive Pricing: A View from Chile

PDF 745kB

Universidad de Chile
CCLP (L) 42Ariel EzrachiSpongeUniversity of Oxford
CCLP (L) 43Larry Popofsky

Product-redesign and the Abuse of Dominance: The Apple Ipod Itunes Antitrust Litigation

PDF 178kB

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
CCLP (L) 44 Report of the Eleventh Annual Symposium on Retail Competition 
CCLP (L) 45Pierre M. HornaDavid & Goliath: How young competition agencies can succeed in fighting cross-border cartelsCCLP and UNCTAD
CCLP (L) 46 Report of the Twelfth Annual Symposium on Retail Competition 
CCLP (L) 47 Report of the Thirteenth Annual Symposium on Retail Competition 


Presentations and Other Materials



CCLP (S) 001 (II)Dick Bell

Private Label: Their Role for Retailers and Their Impact Upon Competition (Part II)


Oxford Institute of Retail Management
CCLP (S) 001 (III)Dick Bell

Private Label: Their Role for Retailers and Their Impact Upon Competition (Part III)

PPT 265kB

Oxford Institute of Retail Management
CCLP (S) 001(I)Dick Bell

Private Label: Their Role for Retailers and Their Impact Upon Competition (Part I)


Oxford Institute of Retail Management
CCLP (S) 002Paul Dobson

Private Labels and Branded Goods: An Economic and Competitive Comparison

PPT 120kB

Loughborough University
CCLP (S) 003Ariel Ezrachi

Behavioural Remedies in EC Merger Control – Theory and Practice

PPT 104kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (S) 004Ed Flippen

US Electric Deregulation after California, Enron and Worst Blackout in US History


McGuireWoods LLP
CCLP (S) 005Alastair Gorrie

Private Labels and Powerful Retailers – The Response from Competition Authorities

PPT 419kB

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe
CCLP (S) 006Peter R Willis

The Privilege against Self-incrimination in Competition Investigations

PPT 111kB

Taylor Wessing
CCLP (S) 007Donald I Baker

Network Effects and Essential Facilities

PPT 110kB

Baker & Miller PLLC
CCLP (S) 008Iestyn Williams

Article 82 Reform: An Economic Perspective ?

PPT 72kB

RBB Economics
CCLP (S) 009Terry Calvani

Competition Law Remedies: Private Rights of Action


Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP
CCLP (S) 010Terry Calvani

Competition Law Remedies: Criminalization


Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP
CCLP (S) 011Mike Walker

Remedies in Retail Competition

PDF 101kB

CRA International
CCLP (S) 012Bill Ronald

Private Labels and Branded Goods

PDF 117kB

CCLP (S) 013Matthias Queck

Private Label Trends in Europe


Planet Retail
CCLP (S) 014Ariel Ezrachi

The Changing Landscape of European Private Enforcement and the Possible Implications for Article 82 Litigation

PPT 43kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (S) 015Simon Bishop

The Law and Economics of Loyalty Rebates

PPT 66kB

RBB Economics
CCLP (S) 016Ariel Ezrachi

Recent Developments in European Competition Law - Cartel Enforcement and the Possible Implications for Japanese Companies

PPT 117kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (S) 017Helen Jenkins

The Economics of Article 82 Reform

PPT 173kB

Oxera Consulting Ltd
CCLP (S) 018Ed Flippen

Antitrust Enforcement Actions

PDF 110kB

McGuireWoods LLP
CCLP (S) 019Helen Passingham-Hughes

FMCG Across the Business Cycle


CCLP (S) 020Philippe Chappatte

FRAND Commitments - The Case For Antitrust Intervention

PDF 115kB

Slaughter & May
CCLP (S) 021Damien Geradin

FRAND Commitment - The Case Against Improper Antitrust Intervention

PDF 84kB

CCLP (S) 022Alden F Abbott

Standard Setting under Section 5 of the FTC Act

PDF 31kB

US Federal Trade Commission
CCLP (S) 023Alexopoulou Sanchez Graells

Competition and Public Procurement – An Overview

PDF 57kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (S) 024Ariel Ezrachi

Unchallenged Market Power? The Tale of Supermarkets, Private labels and Competition Law

PDF 226kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (S) 025Pat Treacy

Implications of the EC’s Guidelines on Vertical Agreements

PDF 607kB

CCLP (S) 026Tim Brooks

Bringing Innovative Products to Consumers in Modern Markets


GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare
CCLP (S) 027Peter SükösdSpecial treatment of sectoral industries in Hungarian competition law: retailHungarian Competition Authority
CCLP (S) 028Andrew Gavil

Comparative Perspectives on the “New Law” of Resale Price Maintenance

PDF 883kB

Howard University School of Law
CCLP (S) 029Isabel Ortiz

The EU Supply Chain and the Role of Private Labels

PDF 676kB

European Commission, Enterprise and Industry
CCLP (S) 030Paul Reeskamp

Switch Marketing; the Challenges of Brand Owners

PDF 820kB

Allen & Overy
CCLP (S) 032Myriam Vander Stichele

Remedies to the Adverse Effects of Buyer Power

PDF 590kB

CCLP (S) 033Maria Ioannidou

The Role of Consumer Welfare in Competition Policy

PDF 63kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (S) 034Caron Beaton-Wells and Ariel Ezrachi

Criminalising Cartels - Critical Studies of an International Regulatory Movement

PDF 439kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (S) 035Hugh M Hollman

The International Competition Network – Past Achievements and Future Challenges

PDF 257kB

US Federal Trade Commission
CCLP (S) 036Molly Herron and Alex Long

Vertical Restraints Workshop

PDF 236kB

Herbert Smith LLP
CCLP (S) 037Javier Berasategi

Competition Law in the Grocery Retail: Caring about consumers?


Berasategi & Abogados
CCLP (S) 038Frank Bunte

The Impact of Private Labels on SME Competitiveness

PDF 122kB

CCLP (S) 039Peter Davis

Buyer Power, Consumers and Competition Enforcement

PDF 108kB

Competition Commission
CCLP (S) 040John Harold

A Strategy for SMEs to Deal with Retail Multiples

PDF 169kB

Combe International Ltd
CCLP (S) 041Manuel Sebastião

Commercial Relations between Food Suppliers and LRG’s in Portugal


Portuguese Competition Authority
CCLP (S) 042Jean-Jacques Vandenheede

The Structural Transformation Drivers in FMCG


AC Nielsen
CCLP (S) 043Bob Young

Buyer Power - Changing Market Realities


Bob Young
CCLP (S) 044Ariel Ezrachi

Buying Alliances, Cartels and Purchase Price Fixing

PDF 389kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (S) 045Diana Jackson

Buyer Power and Upstream Mergers: Benchmarks for Assessment

PDF 456kB

CCLP (S) 046Matthew Johnson

Buyer Power and Retail Competition

PDF 199kB

CCLP (S) 047Birgit Krueger

Buying Alliances in the German Food Retail Sector

PDF 379kB

CCLP (S) 048Laura Phaff

Purchasing Agreements

PDF 215kB

Office of Fair Trading
CCLP (S) 049Michael Rowe

Buyer Power in FMCG Mergers

PDF 157kB

Slaughter & May
CCLP (S) 050Maurice E Stucke

Buyer Power: Should the Seller Beware?

PDF 646kB

University of Tennessee College of Law
CCLP (S) 051Tony Durham

Shopper Behaviour: how Choices are Made


Tony Durham
CCLP (S) 052Greg Olsen

Comparing and Contrasting the Competitive Effects of Private Labels

PDF 58kB

Clifford Chance LLP
CCLP (S) 053Jorge Novais Gonçalves

Similar Packaging - An IP, Competition or Consumer Protection Matter?

PDF 207kB

European Commission
CCLP (S) 054Tony Clayton

Similar Packaging - Assessing Consumer Detriment and Business Harm

PDF 225kB

Intellectual Property Office
CCLP (S) 055Tim Eales

Brand Performance in the Downturn

PDF 621kB

Symphony IRI
CCLP (S) 056Howard Smith

Multi Category Demand and Supermarket Pricing

PDF 176kB

University of Oxford
CCLP (S) 057Nigel Cates

Competition and Consumer Policy: A Perspective from a National Authority

PDF 350kB

Office of Fair Trading
CCLP (S) 058Olav Kolstad

Unfair Practices in the Grocery Supply Chain

PDF 31kB

CCLP (S) 059Nicola Mazzarotto

Brands in Competition Economic Analysis

PDF 84kB

CCLP (S) 060Andrew McCarthy

Addressing Unfair Trading Practices – The UK Model

PDF 47kB

British Brands Group
CCLP (S) 061Matthew Bennett

Barriers to Entry

PDF 701kB

CCLP (S) 062Hugh Mullan

Changes in Competition between Brands and Private Labels

PDF 48kB

Office of Fair Trading
CCLP (S) 063Meltem Bagis Akkaya

Turkish FMCG Sector Inquiry

PDF 130kB

Turkish Competition Authority
CCLP (S) 064Bob Young

Trends in Retail Competition


Europe Economics
CCLP (S) 065Anand Sharma

FMCG Brands Success Factors

PDF 130kB

Growth Angle Ltd
CCLP (S) 066Susan Hinchliffe

PLB Competition in the Assessment of Market Power in EU and UK Merger Cases

PDF 169kB

Arnold & Porter
CCLP (S) 067Koen de Jong

Comparing and Contrasting the Branded and Own Label Business Model

PDF 467kB

CCLP (S) 068Alex Chisholm

Agency Effectiveness – Early Plans for the Competition and Markets Authority

PDF 835kB

Competition and Markets Authority
CCLP (S) 069Alison Jones and Rebecca Williams

Deterring Cartels: Is Criminalisation the Solution? Lessons from the UK

PDF 285kB

King’s College London and Pembroke College Oxford
CCLP (S) 070Meltem Bagis Akkaya

Turkish Leniency Programme: What Not To Do

PDF 508kB

Turkish Competition Authority
CCLP (S) 071Adi Ayal

Economic Power and Antitrust Agencies’ Duty to Curtail It

PDF 664kB

Bar Ilan University
CCLP (S) 072Caron Beaton-Wells

Immunity Policy: Revolution or Religion?

PDF 299kB

University of Melbourne
CCLP (S) 073Amelia Fletcher

The UK Mergers Regime - Hits and Misses

PDF 253kB

ESRC Centre for Competition Policy
CCLP (S) 074Michal Gal and Thomas Cheng

Aggregate Concentration: Regulation by Competition law?

PDF 769kB

University of Haifa and University of Hong Kong
CCLP (S) 075Laurence Idot

Access to Files of Competition Authorities in Follow-on Damages Actions

PDF 234kB

Paris II-Panthéon Assas
CCLP (S) 076Jaime Barahona and Pierre Horna

Improving Coordination in Regional Cartel Investigations in Latin America

PDF 268kB

CCLP (S) 077Christel Delberghe

Practical Experiences of Voluntary Approach


CCLP (S) 078David Sables

Sharing of Information with Retailers

PDF 156kB

CEO Sentinel Management Consultants
CCLP (S) 079Erling Hjelmeng

The Codification of Unfair Trading Practices: An Efficiency Based Approach

PDF 157kB

University of Oslo
CCLP (S) 080Javier Berasategi

Supermarkets and Competitive Bottlenecks: Competition and Regulatory Issues

PDF 710kB

Berasategi & Abogados
CCLP (S) 081Matthew Bennett

Recent Developments in Exchanges of Information

PDF 525kB

Charles River Associates
CCLP (S) 082Philippe Chauve

Choice and Innovation in the Food Sector: Brands and Private Labels

PDF 630kB

DG Competition, European Commission
CCLP (S) 083Rona Bar-Isaac

Information Exchange and the Double Agent: Trading with Competitors

PDF 45kB

Addleshaw Goddard
CCLP (S) 084Rosemary Choueka

Practical Experiences of an Established Regulator


Bristows LLP
CCLP (S) 085Maria RehbinderEuropean Responses to Unfair Trading Practices 
CCLP (S) 086Alden Abbott

US Patent-Antitrust Interface

PDF 288kB

Heritage Foundation
CCLP (S) 087Pinar Akman

Period of Limitations in Follow-on Competition Cases: When does a Decision Become Final

PDF 479kB

University of Leeds
CCLP (S) 088Steven Anderman

The "Accommodation" of EU Competition Law to IPRs: Article 102

PDF 128kB

CCLP (S) 089Adi Ayal

Anticompetitive Patents: An Incorporation Solution


Bar Ilan University
CCLP (S) 090Rachel Brandenburger

Minority Shareholdings and Joint Ventures in Emerging Jurisdictions: an Opportunity for Convergence?

PDF 770kB

CCLP (S) 091Kevin Coates

Single and Continuous Infringement: Asymmetric Liability

PDF 111kB

Cartels I, DG Competition
CCLP (S) 092Assaf Eilat, David Gilo and Guy Sagi

Costless (or Near Costless) Predation through Predatory Bundling, Loyalty Rebates and Price Squeeze

PDF 742kB

CCLP (S) 093Hans W Friederiszick

Is an Economic Analysis in 102 Cases Still Relevant Post Intel?

PDF 600kB

European School of Management and Technology
CCLP (S) 094Anne Riley and D. Daniel Sokol

Rethinking Compliance

PDF 184kB

ICC Task Force on Antitrust Compliance and Advocacy
CCLP (S) 095Vincent Smith

In a Class of their Own? Reflections on UK Competition Collective Proceedings

PDF 652kB

CCLP (S) 096Florian Wagner-von Papp

Sie-Mens Sana: Contribution between Jointly and Severally Liable Companies, and Contribution between Jointly and Severally Liable Undertakings

PDF 243kB

University College London
CCLP (S) 098

Michael Bauer

Defining Consumer Choice and Measuring Performance in Grocery

PDF 667kB

CCLP (S) 099Philippe Chauve

The Impact of Modern Retail and Choice, Innovation and Prices


EC Food Task Force
CCLP (S) 100Rosemary Choueka

Market Concentration of Retailers and Suppliers and the Assessment of Market Power

PDF 241kB

CCLP (S) 101Richard Herbert and Oliver Koll

How Consumer Trust Affects Performance – Does Innovation Matter?


CCLP (S) 102Tim Holmes

Using Eye-Movements to Understand the Effect of Parasitic Brands on Shopper Attention


Acuity Intelligence Ltd
CCLP (S) 103Roman Inderst

Implications of Buyer Power and Private Labels on “Vertical Competition” and Innovation

PDF 353kB

Goethe University Frankfurt
CCLP (S) 104Nicole Kar

Defining Markets where Branded and Private Label Products are Present: "How Posh is your Scotch?"

PDF 579kB

CCLP (S) 105Birgit Krueger, Judith Holin and Matthias Freund

Sector Inquiry into the German Food Retail Sector


CCLP (S) 106Koen Platteau

Buying Alliances and the Analysis of Market Power

PDF 292kB

Simmons & Simmons
CCLP (S) 107Jan Peter van der Veer

Assessing the Environment for Innovationin Retail where Private Labels are Present

PDF 356kB

RBB Economics
CCLP (S) 108Nicola Mazzarotto

Buyer Power: Understanding and Assessing its Potential Positive and Negative Effects

PDF 779kB

Competition Commission
CCLP (S) 109

Leigh Hancher and Wolf Sauter

Antitrust and Pharmaceuticals

PDF 198kB

Tilburg University
CCLP (S) 110

Florian Wagner-von Papp

Invitations to Collude and Unilateral Information Disclosure

PDF 533kB

University College London
CCLP (S) 111Luisa AffusoDominance in the Pharmaceutical SectorPWC
CCLP (S) 112Thomas GreaneyHospital Acquisitions of Physician Practices: Does the 'Vertical=Good' Maxim Apply?St Louis University School of Law
CCLP (S) 113Leigh Hancher and Wolf SauterA Dose of Competition: EU Antitrust Law in the Pharmaceuticals SectorTilburg University
CCLP (S) 114Mat HughesPatent Dispute Settlement Agreements - an Economist's PerspectiveAlix Partners
CCLP (S) 115Markus MeierReverse-Payments in the US: the State of PlayUS Federal Trade Commission
CCLP (S) 116Steve ShadowenPay-for-Delay and Product-Honpping: the Next FrontiersHilliard Shadowen LLP
CCLP (S) 117David SzafranFinancial Crisis and State AidLaw Square
CCLP (S) 118Wolf Sauter and Susan van VelzenCollective Purchasing of (Expensive) MedicinesAuthority for Consumers and Markets
CCLP (S) 119Alan GilesOnline Markets in the World of RetailingUniversity of Oxford
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CCLP (S) 124Maria RehbinderAn EU Aproach to Online PlatformsEuropean Commission, DG GROW
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CCLP (S) 153

Fabian KaiserSelective Distribution after Coty and the Interplay of the Geo-blocking Regulation with Competition LawDG Comp