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Presentations and Other Materials



CCLP(S)001 (II) Dick Bell

Oxford Institute of Retail Management
CCLP(S)001 (III) Dick BellOxford Institute of Retail Management
CCLP(S)001 (I) Dick BellOxford Institute of Retail Management
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CCLP(S)092 Vincent Smith 
CCLP(S)093 Florian Wagner-von PappUniversity College London

Michael Bauer

CCLP(S)095 Philippe ChauveEC Food Task Force
CCLP(S)096 Rosemary ChouekaBristows
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CCLP(S)104 Nicola MazzarottoCompetition Commission

Leigh Hancher and Wolf Sauter

Tilburg University

Florian Wagner-von Papp

University College London
CCLP(S)107 Luisa AffusoDominance in the Pharmaceutical SectorPWC
CCLP(S)108 Thomas GreaneyHospital Acquisitions of Physician Practices: Does the 'Vertical=Good' Maxim Apply?St Louis University School of Law
CCLP(S)109 Leigh Hancher and Wolf SauterA Dose of Competition: EU Antitrust Law in the Pharmaceuticals SectorTilburg University
CCLP(S)110 Mat HughesPatent Dispute Settlement Agreements - an Economist's PerspectiveAlix Partners
CCLP(S)111 Markus MeierReverse-Payments in the US: the State of PlayUS Federal Trade Commission
CCLP(S)112 Steve ShadowenPay-for-Delay and Product-Honpping: the Next FrontiersHilliard Shadowen LLP
CCLP(S)113 David SzafranFinancial Crisis and State AidLaw Square
CCLP(S)114 Wolf Sauter and Susan van VelzenCollective Purchasing of (Expensive) MedicinesAuthority for Consumers and Markets
CCLP(S)115 Alan GilesOnline Markets in the World of RetailingUniversity of Oxford
CCLP(S)116 Ariel EzrachiVirtual CompetitionUniversity of Oxford
CCLP(S)117 Bill BatchelorThe Digital Single Market and Geo-blockingBaker & McKenzie
CCLP(S)118 Caroline HobsonUnfair Trading Practices - Remedies in the Single MarketCMS
CCLP(S)119 Elisabeth EklundEC Guidelines on Vertical Restraints and the Definition of ManufacturersDelphi
CCLP(S)120 Maria RehbinderAn EU Aproach to Online PlatformsEuropean Commission, DG GROW
CCLP(S)121 Michael BauerEuropean Retail Alliances - Consumer Benefits or Competitive Harm?CMS
CCLP(S)122 Oliver KollChoice, Innovation and Competition in GroceryEuropanel
CCLP(S)123 Philippe ChauveSome Competition Issues in the EU Grocery SectorEuropean Commission, DG Competition
CCLP(S)124 Thomas KramlerGeo-blocking and EU Competition LawEuropean Commision, DG Competition
CCLP(S)125 Caron Beaton-WellsDecoding the Food & Grocery Code DownunderUniversity of Melbourne
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CCLP(S)127 Zsusza CserhalmiThe E-Commerce Sector InquiryDG Competition
CCLP(S)128 Gunnar KallfassGuidance Note on the Prohibition of Vertical Price Fixing in the Food Retail SectorBundeskartellamt
CCLP(S)129 Andrew McCarthyRegulatory Intervention in Tradiing Relationships. A Recipe for Fair Play?British Brands Group
CCLP(S)130 James O'ConnellAntitrust & Pricing Issues: a Transatlantic ComparisonCovington
CCLP(S)131 Kadu PrasadPricing, Innovation and Buyer Power. An Economist's PerspectiveCompass Lexecon
CCLP(S)132 Robert SchulzSelective Distribution and its Role in Brand Reputation, Choice and CompetitionBSH Hausgerate
CCLP(S)133 Stephen SmithBrand Competition and Parallel Trade in a Post-Brexit WorldBristows
CCLP(S)134 Dirk Auer and Nicolas PetitWhat the Press Talks about when it Talks about "Monopoly"University of Liege
CCLP(S)135 Cyril RitterData, Algorithms, and EU Competition LawDG Comp
CCLP(S)136 Viktoria RobertsonMarket Definitions between Law and EconomicsUniversity of Graz
CCLP(S)137 Maarten Pieter SchinkelPublic Interest Cartels: Sustainability and CollusionUniversity of Amsterdam and ACLE
CCLP(S)138 Pierre HornaChasing Transnational Cross-Border Cartels: Challenges for Young and Small Competition AuthoritiesUNCTAD
CCLP(S)139 Arianna AndreangeliLatest Developments in EU Competition Law and Fundamental Rights: an Ongoing TaleUniversity of Edinburgh
CCLP(S)140 Pablo Ibanez ColomoMeasuring Competitive Harm Against the Relevant CounterfactualLSE and College of Europe
CCLP(S)141 Julian NowagThe Future Comeback of Competititon Law and PolicyLund University
CCLP(S)142 Arno RasekMarket Definition and Market Power of Online PlatformsBundeskartellamt
CCLP(S)143 Groceries Code AdjudicatorInsights from 'an Effective Modern Regulator'Groceries Code Adjudicator
CCLP(S)144 Andreas GaykGeo-blockng Restrictions and their Implications for Brand OwnersMarkenverband
CCLP(S)145 Adrian MajundarNew DevelopmentsRBB Economics
CCLP(S)146 David ParkerTerritoriality and Geo-blockingFrontier Economics
CCLP(S)147 Felix EngelsingOnline Sales Bans: after Coty and AsicsBundeskartellamt
CCLP(S)148 Oliver SitarEuropean Considerations in Addressing UTPsDG Agriculture and Rural Development


 Fabian KaiserSelective Distribution after Coty and the Interplay of the Geo-blocking Regulation with Competition LawDG Comp
CCLP(S)150Trends in Retail Competition Symposium 2019Ariel EzrachiMarket Power and Platform Power in the Digital EconomyOxford University
CCLP(S)151Trends in Retail Competition Symposium 2019Michael BauerAssessing the Competition Effects of Buying AlliancesCMS
CCLP(S)152Trends in Retail Competition Symposium 2019Mat HughesThe Assessment of Retail Mergers. Substantial Local Complexity?AlixPartners
CCLP(S)153Trends in Retail Competition Symposium 2019Rona Bar-IsaacWhat Have We Learned from the Regulation of Unfair Trading Practices?Addleshaw Goddard
CCLP(S)154Trends in Retail Competition Symposium 2019Agustin ReynaCompetition Law and Its Effectiveness in a Digital WorldBEUC The European Consumer Organisation
CCLP(S)155Trends in Retail Competition Symposium 2019Andrew TaylorA (Former) Regulator's Perspective on the Asda/Sainsbury's DecisionAldwych Partners
CCLP(S)156Trends in Retail Competition Symposium 2019Fabian KaiserVertical Restraints and E-Commerce: Recent EnforcementDG Competition
CCLP(S)157Trends in Retail Competition Symposium 2019Bent Sofus Tranoy

Micro Foundations, Market Power and Unfair Trading Practices - How our Assumptions Determine What We See

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and Kristiania University College
CCLP(S)158Trends in Retail Competition Symposium 2019Hal SingerNet TribunalEcon One Research
CCLP(S)159Guest Lecture 2019Richard Eccles and Thomas JonesDigital Platforms under Scrutiny: Recent Competition and Regulatory Reviews in the UK and AustraliaBird & Bird

Antitrust Enforcement Symposium 2019

Barry J. RodgerCompetition Law Private Enforcement: Driven by EU Institutions and Instruments or National Mechanisms? The Damages Directive, Right to Compension and Effectiveness Reflected through the Prism of Recent UK Case LawUniversity of Strathclyde
CCLP(S)161Antitrust Enforcement Symposium 2019Barak OrbachIndirect Antitrust EnforcementUniversity of Arizona
CCLP(S)162Antitrust Enforcement Symposium 2019Wolfgang KerberData-Sharing in IoT Ecosystems from a Competition Law Perspective: the Example of Connected CarsUniversity of Marburg
CCLP(S)163Antitrust Enforcement Symposium 2019Hans W. FriederiszickReconciling Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Regulation - the Concept of Vulnerable Markets with an Application to Online Food PlatformsE.CA Economics and ESMT Berlin
CCLP(S)164Antitrust Enforcement Symposium 2019Cyril RitterCompetition and RegulationEuropean Commission DG COMP
CCLP(S)165Antitrust Enforcement Symposium 2019Agustin ReynaThe Choice Delusion: Addressing Consumer Behavioral Exploitation in Digital MarketsBEUC The European Consumer Organisation
CCLP(S) 166 Ariel EzrachiProtecting Consumers' Freedom in the Digital EraCentre for Competition Law and Policy, University of Oxford
CCLP(S)167IECL Lunchtime SeminarSayako TakizawaWhether and How Competition Law Should Regulate Powerful Digital Platforms? Data Collection Use and ProcessingTohoku University
CCLP(S)168CCLP Lunchtime SeminarFryderyk HoffmannRemedies in Merger Cases - A Monitoring Trustee's PerspectiveMazars LLP
CCLP(S)169CCLP Lunchtime SeminarAlec BurnsideGoogle/Fitbit: is Merger Control Fit(bit) for Purposes in Digital Markets? Reflections on the EU and Austrialian Reviews, and Current Reform ProposalsDechert
CCLP(S)170CCLP Lunchtime SeminarTim CowenSearching the Soul of Antritrust: What is Competition Law For?Preiskel & Co
CCLP(S)171CCLP Lunchtime SeminarCyril RitterMulti-sided Markets in EU Competition Law and RegulationDG COMP, European Commission
CCLP(S)172CCLP Lunchtime SeminarPhilip MarsdenCompetition Law: a European Vision of the Digital ContextCollege of Europe/Bank of England