CSLS Reports

We provide access to recent reports of our activity. Amongst other things, these provide details of members of the Centre, the research we are undertaking, external research funding, publications and the achievements of our students. 

We are in the process of putting together an archive of CSLS reports from 1972 onwards.  More details of this initiative will be posted in due course.

The Latest Publication

 CSLS Report 2021-2022

CSLS Annual Report 2021-22

CSLS Past Reports


CSLS Report 2019-20
CSLS Report 2019-2020


CSLS Report 2015-17
CSLS Report 2015-2017


CSLS Report 2013-14
CSLS Report 2013-2014


CSLS Report 2011-12
CSLS Report 2011-2012

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