Annual Roger Hood Lectures

An archive of recordings from the highly prestigious annual public lecture series, started to honour and celebrate the long and distinguished career of Professor Roger Hood and his particular contribution to Oxford Criminology.

Unsettling States: From Civilizing Security to Decolonizing Police in the Amero-Anglosphere, & Beyond

Associate Professor,

Beatrice Jauregui,

University of Toronto


Re-centering the state: on drug trafficking, modern slavery and decolonial endeavours in austerity Britain

Professor Insa Koch

University of Sankt Gallen,



The Pains of Racism in Criminal Justice and Criminology

Professor Coretta Phillips
London School of Economics and Political Science 


The People Strike Back? Life Imprisonment and Other Ultimate Penalties in a Constitutional Democracy

Professor Dirk van Zyl Smit

University of Nottingham


(De)constructing the Crimmigrant Other: Migration, Citizenship and Penal Power

Katja Franko
University of Oslo


Grassroots Narratives of Policing in the “Low End”, Downtown Baltimore, South L.A., and the 53206

Vesla M. Weaver
Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor of Political Science and Sociology,
Johns Hopkins University


Thirty years on Death Row: When Reality Confronts Critical Theory

Professor Bernard Harcourt
Columbia Law School


Older audio-only recordings

‘Criminal Justice in the Service of Security’
Professor Lucia Zedner
University of Oxford

'Prisons and the problem of trust: contrasting approaches to risk, radicalisation and personal growth in two high security prisons'
Professor Alison Liebling
University of Cambridge

'Moving Targets - Reputational Risk, Rights and Accountability in Punishment'
Kelly Hannah-Moffat
Centre of Criminology & Sociolegal Studies
University of Toronto

'Why sentencing Matters'
Andrew Ashworth
University of Oxford

Impact and Influence in Contemporary Criminology: The Question of Feminism
Professor Frances Heidensohn
Department of Sociology at the London School of Economics.

'Scandinavian Exceptionalism: Five Dangers Ahead'
Nils Christie
Institute of Criminology at the University of Oslo

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