DPhil Criminology

Harry Annison 
DPhil Criminology May 2013
Dangerous Politics: An Interpretive Political Analysis of the Imprisonment of Public Protection Sentence 2003-2008

Matthew  Davies
DPhil Criminology Jun 2015
Elected Police and Crime Commissioners;  An Experiment in Democratic Policing

Andrew Faull 
DPhil Criminology Jun 2015
Personal Identity and the Police Occupation in South Africa

Fernanda Fonseca Rosenblatt
DPhil Criminology Jan 2014
The role of community in youth offender panels in England and Wales

Alice Gerlach
DPhil Criminology Aug 2018
Immigration enforcement in the UK:  How women experience detention, release and removal.

Chris Giacomantonio 
DPhil Criminology Jun 2013
Policing Integration: The inter- and intra-organizational coordination of police work

Anna Kotova 
DPhil Criminology Nov 2016
"He's got a life sentence, but I have a life sentence to cope with as well": The Experiences of Long-term Prisoners' Partners

Richard Martin 
DPhil Criminology March 2018
Policing Rights in Northern Ireland: Between Law and Practice

Shona Minson 
DPhil Criminology May 2017
Who Cares? Analysing the place of children in maternal sentencing decisions in England and Wales

Lea Sitkin 
DPhil Criminology Jul 2014
Punishing the Poor Again? Irregularity, the 'criminalisation of migration' and precarious labour markets in the UK and Germany

Marie Tidball 
DPhil Criminology Nov 2016
The Governance of Adult Defendants with Autism through English Criminal Justice Policy and Criminal Court Practice

Leila Ullrich 
DPhil Criminology Feb 2017
Schizophrenic Justice: Exploring ‘Justice for Victims’ at the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Marion Vannier 
DPhil Criminology Nov 2016 
In the Shadow of Death: The Normalization of Life Without Parole and Death Penalty Abolitionism in California

Gabrielle Watson 
DPhil Criminology Feb 2017
Respect and Criminal Justice: The Policies and Practices of Policing and Imprisonment

DPhil Law

Michelle Grossman 
DPhil Law March 2015
Addressing the Gap: The Role of the Institutions of the Rome Statute in Responding to the Needs of Child Crime Victims at risk of 'Falling Through the Cracks'

Marie Manikis 
DPhil Law Jan 2014
Rhetoric or Reality? Victims' Enforcement Mechanisms in England and Wales and the United States

Michelle Miao 
DPhil Law Dec 2013
The Politics of Change: Explaining Capital Punishment Reform in China

Dan Pascoe
DPhil Law Oct 2013
An Investigation of Clemency and Pardons in Death Penalty Cases in Southeast Asia from 1975 to 2009

Elizabeth Vartkessian 
DPhil Law Nov 2011
Fatal Distraction: Does the Texas Capital Sentencing Statute Discourage the Consideration of Mitigating Evidence?