MSPL 2022 - Conference Programme


Provisional Conference Programme



Proprietary Estoppel

The Rt Hon Lord Sales (Justice of the UK Supreme Court)



Against Conventionalism

Professor Jeremy Waldron (University Professor of Law, NYU)



A bit too much? The Common Law's Digital Dilemma

Professor Sarah Green (Commissioner for Commercial and Common Law, Law Commission)


Property in Social Context

Essential Property

Professor Timothy M Mulvaney (Texas A&M University School of Law) (co-authored with Professor Joseph W Singer (Harvard Law School))

Property Arrangements in Cohousing: A Comparative Analysis of English and French Law

Dr Fabiana Bettini (UCL)

Actual Occupation Overriding Interests from an Equality Perspective

Dr Rosie Fox (University of Leeds) and Mr Adam Baker (University of Leeds)


Use Rights in Land

Expanding the Categories of Negative Easements- Time for Change?

Dr Susan Pascoe (Middlesex University)

Acquiring Public Rights over Land Held for Statutory Purposes

George Laurence QC (barrister, New Square Chambers), Dr Ashley Bowes (barrister, Cornerstone Barristers) and Simon Adamyk (barrister, New Square Chambers)


The Structure of Property Relations

Obligations and the Meaning of Property

Professor Robin Hickey (QUB)

Property Decision Making

Professor Sarah Nield (Southampton University)

An Express Trustee’s Authority

Dr Jessica Hudson (UNSW)


Leases of Land

Leases and the Nature of Co-Ownership

Dr Natalie Mrockova (University of Oxford) and Dr Luke Rostill (University of Oxford)

Property Guardianship: Re-visiting and Re-shaping the lease/licence distinction in English Property Law

Mr Chris Bevan (Durham University)

Can Consumer Law Succeed Where Property Law Has Failed? Evaluating Responses to the Crisis of Leasehold

Professor Helen Carr (University of Southampton), Professor Caroline Hunter (University of York), Carl Makin (University York), Dr Gwilym Owen (Bangor University)


Boundaries of Property

The Rise and Rise Again of Digital Assets – Reconceptualising Data as Property

Dr Damian Clifford (ANU), Mr Andrew Ray (ANU), and Dr Heather Roberts (ANU)

Subrogation, Marshalling and Property

Dr Rory Gregson (University of Cambridge)


Evolution of Rights in Land

Leases, Rocks, and Hard Places: Estates without Contracts and Contracts without Estates

Dr Lorren Eldridge (University of Dundee)

A Reassessment of the Driving Factors of the Early Development of Restrictive Covenants

Merit Flügler (University of Oxford)

Overage Agreements and Temporal Aspects of Property Development in English Land Law

David Sawtell (39 Essex Chambers; University of Cambridge)


The Future of the Numerus Clausus

Granular Property Law: Recalibrating Optimal Standardization of Property Rights in the Data Economy

Professor Christoph Busch (University of Osnabrück and University of Yale)

Not Too Few: The Necessary Minimum Set of Property Rights

Konstanze von Schütz (University of Yale)

The Future of Property

Dr Yael R. Lifshitz (KCL), Dr Maytal Gilboa (Bar-Ilan University), and Dr Yotam Kaplan (Bar-Ilan University)


Justifying Acquisition and Loss of Property

On Getting There First

Dr Michael JR Crawford (Sydney)

Homicide and Joint Tenancies: Is Severance Sufficient?

Dr Brian Sloan (University of Cambridge) and Mr Chris Bevan (University of Durham)


Property in the Family Context

‘SKI’ Clubs and Alternative Choices: The Moral and Legal Limits of Disinheriting Adult Children

Professor Heather Conway (QUB)

Cohabitation in Scotland and England: The Extent to Which Remedial Trusts can Achieve Fair Outcomes

Dr Philip Bremner (Royal Holloway), Mr Rod Edmunds (Queen Mary), Mr Craig Lind (University of Sussex)


Regulating Occupation of Shared Space

Mediating Housing Possession Claims: An Evaluation of the ‘Rental Mediation Service’ Pilot Scheme

Professor Lisa Whitehouse (University of Southampton)

A Tenancy in Name Only: An Examination of the Implications of the Interface between Contract and Property for Students in the Purpose-built Student Accommodation Sector

Dr Emily Walsh (University of Portsmouth)

Condominium (Commonhold) Government and the Meaning of Property

Professor Douglas C Harris (University of British Columbia)


Property and Equity

The Essential Similarity of the English and Mixed Legal Systems Express Trust

Dr Joyman Lee (University of Glasgow/UCL)

Elucidating Equity in Pallant v Morgan

Joshua Teng (Skrine)


Discussion Sessions

Arbitrability and Property Law Disputes

Professor Paul S Davies (UCL)


A Freehold in Trees?

Professor WJ Swadling (Oxford)


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