Experiences of adolescent to parent violence in the COVID-19 pandemic

a project within the Oxford Filial Violence Project

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This project is based in the Centre for Criminology and aims to produce a fast evidence base on experiences of adolescent to parent violence (APV) in the COVID-19 pandemic. The project is collating first-hand accounts from parents and the views of experts and practitioners working directly with families to consider a) what the impact of the pandemic and government restrictions has been on families and on the violence and abuse, b) what support has been available to families during this time and c) what measures might be put in place at government, local authority, and third sector level to protect families and address their needs, both during government restrictions and when those restrictions are eased. 

The project is led by Professor Rachel Condry with Dr Caroline Miles from the University of Manchester.

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The project is funded by the Higher Education Innovation Fund and ESRC Impact Acceleration Account through the University of Oxford’s COVID-19: Economic, Social, Cultural, & Environmental Impacts - Urgent Response Fund