Non-Credit Course: Business and Human Rights - Real World Accountability

Applications for this programme are now closed.

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The Bonavero Institute seeks to enrich the human rights experience of Oxford students, and to assist them to develop careers in the broad field of human rights. Its “Gateways to Human Rights Research and Practice” initiative aims to deepen student engagement with the institute’s research projects and to provide insights into human rights practice. Several programmes form part of this initiative: Non-credit Courses on Human Rights Strategy, Research Training Programmes, various opportunities for Human Rights Mooting, the Collaborative Legal Aid Clinic at HMP Huntercombe and our Summer Fellowship Programme.


The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights will be offering in Michaelmas Term 2021 a non-credit course in developing strategies for the protection and promotion of human rights with a focus on Business & Human Rights. The object of the course is to introduce students to strategic analysis of businesses’ impact on human rights, and to promote academic scholarship in the field of human rights informed by current practical human rights problems.

The course is open to students in the Faculty of Law, at the Blavatnik School of Government and at the Saϊd Business School as well as graduate students from other Faculties with a previous law degree (see below). A limited number of 15 places is available.

The seminars will cover the following topics:

  • An Introduction to Business & Human Rights
  • Legal Mechanisms for Corporate Accountability
  • Political and Public Mechanisms for Corporate Accountability

Each seminar will be led by two leading lawyers or human rights policy practitioners. Seminars will involve presentations on specific strategic responses to human rights problems that have been implemented, as well as small group sessions to discuss and develop other strategic responses.

There will be no formal mode of assessment but students who are admitted to the course will be expected to attend every seminar. A final student presentation will be held in early Hilary term with an audience of Bonavero fellows and practitioners. Upon completion, students will receive feedback, valuable connection with practitioners and be provided with a certificate to confirm participation in the programme.


  • Ekaterina Aristova, Postdoctoral Fellow in Human Rights and Practice
  • Lisa Hsin, incoming Helsby-Kroll Postdoctoral Fellow in Business and Human Rights

Support/ Coordination: Christos Kypraios, Programmes and Research Manager

Dates: 5:15-7:45 pm, Monday, Weeks 3, 5 and 7 of Michaelmas Term 2021; Wednesday, Week 2 of Hilary Term

Delivery: Hybrid. Seminars will take place at the Syndicate’s Room at St Antony's College, but online participation is possible.

Profile of Participants

  • Graduate and undergraduate law students; Master of Public Policy students at the Blavatnik School of Government; Master of Business Administration students at the Saїd Business School; graduate students from other Faculties with a previous law degree or demonstrated experience in human rights.
  • Demonstrated interest in human rights.
  • Availability: Participants must commit to attending all four sessions. It will also be expected that students have read any preparatory reading material sent out in advance.

Applications are now closed