Dr Christos Kypraios is the Programmes Manager of the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, supporting the Bonavero Head of Programmes while she will be on leave. In his role, Christos manages the existing Programmes of the Institute, which include the Strategising Seminar series, the Research Training Programme, the Legal Aid Clinic at Huntercombe, the Student Fellowship Programme, the Resident Student Scheme, the Research Visitor Programme, other student initiatives (such as human rights fair and human rights careers events), and human rights mooting (primarily the Price Media Moot Competition). At the same time, Christos is pursuing his own research projects at the Institute as a postdoctoral fellow affiliated with Mansfield College, focusing mainly on the application of human rights in the context of space activities and technologies. Christos is also a Senior Research Affiliate at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (MPIL) in Heidelberg, Germany.

Before joining the Bonavero Institute, Christos worked for six years as a Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow at the MPIL and as a lawyer in Athens, Greece. He has studied law at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (LL.B (hons.)), the University of Nottingham (LL.M (dist.) in International Law), and the University of Basel (Dr. iur.), as well as international relations (MA (dis.)) and history (MA (dis.)) at Istanbul Bilgi University and Sciences Po Paris. In his doctoral thesis (Springer, forthcoming) Christos analysed the international socioeconomic rights obligations of States and IFIs in situations of sovereign debt management, while his general research interests relate to human rights law, economic law, law of the sea, and space law.

Position Description


The Programmes Manager assists in the management of programmes in the Bonavero Institute, the main duties being:

(a) to manage existing programmes for the Institute:

  • Legal Aid Clinic at Huntercombe
  • Non-Credit Courses
  • Student Fellowships (Student Internship Placements)
  • Resident Student Scheme
  • Research Visitor Scheme
  • Other student initiatives such as human rights fair, human rights careers evening etc.
  • Mooting including overseeing the Price Media Law Moot

(b) to support the efficient working of the Institute on a day-to-day basis

(c) to provide support to Research Visitors, Graduate Student Residents at the Institute, and the Human Rights Network partners of the Institute (including the Fiction and Human Rights Network, the Business and Human Rights Research Network and the Children’s Rights Network)

(d) to pursue their own research projects


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  • Ch. Kypraios Kypraios, The Socioeconomic Rights Obligations of States and IFIs during Sovereign Debt Management (Springer 2020) (forthcoming)
  • Ch. Kypraios Kypraios and B. Reynaud, 'The State and the new space economy: Enabling 21st century privateers or asserting international law?' (2020) 4 Católica Law Review 11 (forthcoming)
  • Ch. Kypraios Kypraios and E. Fasia, 'M/V Virginia G Case (Panama/Guinea-Bissau)' (2019) Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law
  • Ch. Kypraios Kypraios and B. Reynaud, 'O Papel da Empresa no Espaço Exterior: Questões Jurídicas Relativas à Exploração Mineira de Asteróides' in (ed), Las Empresas Transnacionales em el Derecho Internacional Contemporáneo: Derechos Humanos y Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (Tirant Lo Blanch 2019)
  • Ch. Kypraios Kypraios, ''Vetoing' the admission of a third state in international organizations: Lessons learned from the Greece-fYROM case' (2018) Völkerrechtsblog
  • Ch. Kypraios Kypraios and P. Arora, 'Ritual Slaughter in Europe: Towards Reconciling Animal Welfare and Religious Pluralism' (2018) 45 L'Observateur des Nations Unies 44
  • Ch. Kypraios Kypraios and E. Carpanelli, 'Space Debris' (2018) Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law
  • Ch. Kypraios Kypraios, I. Bantekas and I. Kebreab, 'Outsourcing Law Reform to Private Contactors: A Human Rights Perspective' (2013) 2 International Human Rights Law Review 1


Research Interests


- Human rights law

- Sovereign debt and human rights

- Space and human rights

- Business and human rights

- Animal rights


Research projects


- Space-based technologies and human rights: The case of satellite remote sensing, privacy and data protection


Research projects