The Editorial Board

The OUCLJ is edited and run by an Editorial Board, consisting of the General Editor and up to four Editors, and an Editorial Committee, consisting of the General Editor, the Editors, and around 10 to 15 Associate Editors.

General Editor

The current General Editor is Mehdi-Jalalddin Hakimi.

The General Editor takes overall responsibility for producing the Journal.

The General Editor's duties include:

  • Overseeing the production of two issues of the Journal each year;
  • Ensuring that the OUCLJ meets the highest academic and publishing standards;
  • Organising and chairing the meetings of the Editorial Board;
  • Liaising with the Faculty and the publisher.


The current Editors are:

  • Chor Kiu Woo (Phoebe)
  • Eric Feng-Quan Wang
  • Nick Hsu

The Editors' tasks include:

  • Assisting the General Editor in producing the Journal;
  • Ensuring that, prior to publication, every article is refereed by two, and every case note and book review by at least one independent referee who is knowledgeable in the relevant subject area;
  • Supervising the Associate Editors and the Journal's financial affairs;
  • Organising meetings, social events and any seminars or conferences held under the auspices of the OUCLJ.


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