A platform for researchers and graduate students with interest in courts, judges, and the judiciary.

About OxonCourts

The defining approach of OxonCourts is interdisciplinarity. We contend that is it not possible to truly understand courts without studying legal, political, economic, and sociological aspects of judging together. For that reason, we aim to reach across departmental boundaries and establish a much-needed hub for all Oxford scholars interested in courts irrespective of their background or discipline. The group will cover a range of issues such as judicial behaviour, the legitimacy of courts, their impact on public and private life, or their role in established, emerging or endangered democracies around the world.

Our meetings usually last 90 minutes. We invite Oxford scholars or an external speaker to present his or her work and ideas for roughly 45 minutes, followed by a discussion with participants. We seek to be both a sounding board for innovative ideas where work in progress and early ideas can be discussed as well as a place where distinguished speakers can present more mature research.

OxonCourts is a student-run group. We are unable to reimburse all travel expenses of external speakers. However, if your institution cannot support your travel to Oxford, please contact us, and we will endeavour to find funding for you. 

If you have an idea you would like to bring to us or a paper you wish to present in Oxford, please send an email.

We are kindly supported by the Faculty of Law and the Department of Politics and International Relations.

Mailing list

We have a new mailing list: oxoncourts@maillist.ox.ac.uk. Please subscribe by sending an empty message to oxoncourts-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk

The team

Senior member: Paul Yowell

Student convenors: 

Nicola Tommasini

Pedro Arcain



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