Nicola Tommasini

Law Faculty

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Exeter College


Nicola is reading for a D.Phil at the University of Oxford, Exeter College. He holds the following degrees: LLm, Yale Law School (2020); M.Phil, University of São Paulo (2018); B.A, Pontifical Catholic Univeristy of São Paulo (2017). Nicola is also an Associate Researcher at Fundação Getúlio Vargas-SP and has held multiple scholarships in Brazil. His main fields of interest are comparative constitutional law, constitutional change, institutional design and democratic theory.

Currently, Nicola is invested in the research of legislative obligations and their enforcement. Under the supervision of Professor Nicholas Barber, his thesis investigates how constitutions establish obligations towards the legislature and what courts may do and have done when legislatures fail to fulfill these constitutional obligations. 

Nicola is also engaged in the study of unconstitutional constitutional amendments. He is currently putting together a database that gathers all constitutional review decisions of constitutional amendments in the world in an attempt to better understand unconstitutional constitutional amendments from a quantitative perspective. 

His publications are available on academia and SSRN

Research Interests

Comparative Constitutional Law, Institutional Design, Constitutional Change, Constitutional Amendments, Democratic Theory.