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Michaelmas 2013


Posted: 05/11/2013

Transitional Justice in Transitional Libya

Dr. Michael Gibb – Lecturer in Philosophy at University College, Oxford and Project Co-ordinator for No Peace Without Justice, Libya

Posted: 29/10/2013

Making sense of past atrocities: Toward methodologies of haunting

Dr. Akin Akinwumi – Researcher, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University

Posted: 22/10/2013

Measuring criminal accountability for past human rights violation in the South Cone: Databases on judicial activity in Argentina, Chile and Peru

Lorena Balardini – Co-ordinator of Research, Centre of Legal and Social Studies, Argentina

Posted: 19/10/2013

Peace through international criminal justice

James Stewart – Deputy Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Posted: 15/10/2013

Of other spaces: Analysing memorials to mass violence through Foucault's notion of Heterotopia

Prof. Susanne Buckley-Zistel, Director of the Center for Conflict Studies, Philipps-University of Marburg


Trinity Term 2013


Posted: 11/06/2013

Do bones have politics? Forensic knowledge, human remains and the politics of the past

Dr. Claire Moon (Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology and the Human Rights Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science)

Posted: 04/06/2013

The International Criminal Court and the end of impunity in Kenya

Lionel Nichols (St. Anne's Global Justice Research Fellow, University of Oxford)

Posted: 27/05/2013

A critical analysis of involvement and accountability as recounted by individuals accused of international crimes at the ICTY

Dr. Mina Rauschenbach (Research Fellow, Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, University of Geneva)

Posted: 21/05/2013

From victims to actors: Participatory approaches to transitional justice in Nepal

Dr. Simon Robins (Humanitarian Practitioner and Associate, Post War Reconstruction and Development Unit, University of York)


Michaelmas Term 2012



Posted: 23/10/2012

Reimagining Child Soldiers in International Law and Policy

Prof. Mark Drumbl, Class of 1975 Alumni Professor of Law & Director of the Transnational Law Institute, Washington & Lee University

Trinity Term 2012



Posted: 14/06/2012

Apology, Utopia and Other Catch 22's: Why Criticism of the ICC is Fun, Popular...and Inevitable

Professor Darryl Robinson, Professor of Law, Queen's University, Canada

Posted: 12/06/2012

The Price of Omission: Brazilian Government Reparations to Victims of the Military Regime: Oak Series on Amnesty

Dr. Glenda Mezarobba, Research Fellow, Universidade de Campinas

Posted: 05/06/2012

Who is the Terrorist? Memories, Victims and the Use of Legitimate Violence

Dr. Diego Muro, Santander Visiting Fellow, St. Antony's College

Posted: 22/05/2012

The Constitutional Accommodation of National Pluralism in Post-War Sri Lanka: The Lessons for the Present from Sri Lanka's Pre-Colonial Past

Asanga Weikala, PhD Candidate, School of Law, University of Edinburgh

Posted: 15/05/2012

Challenges for Transitional Justice: The View from the Latin American Experience

Marcie Mersky, Director of Program Office, International Center for Transitional Justice

Posted: 01/05/2012

Excesses of Responsibility and the Power of Political Approaches to Accountability

Dr. Kirsten Ainley, Lecturer in International Relations, London School of Economics


Hilary Term 2012



Posted: 07/02/2012

Challenges of peace talks and mediation - Does it address the question of justice?

Betty Bigombe, Ugandan MP, State Minister for Water Resources, and Ugandan Peace Negotiator

Posted: 31/01/2012

Victim Participation in International Criminal Proceedings: Are Retributive and Restorative Principles Enhancing the Prospect for Justice?

Rudina Jasini, DPhil Candidate in Law, University of Oxford; Legal Officer at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)


Michaelmas Term 2011



Posted: 22/11/2011

Uruguay: Struggles against Impunity and Barriers to Justice for Crimes under International Law

Dr. Francesca Lessa, Research Assistant, Latin American Centre, University of Oxford

Christopher Hall, International Justice Team, Amnesty International

For further discussion click here.

Posted: 11/10/2011

The Politics of International Criminal Law

Courtenay Griffiths, Queen’s Counsel (Joint‐head of Garden Court Chambers), Defence Lawyer for Charles Taylor



Trinity Term 2011



Posted: 21/06/2011

Between Collectivism and Individualism: the Reflection of the Israeli‐German Relationship in Israeli Dance from the1970s till Nowadays

Dana Mills, DPhil candidate in Political Theory, University of Oxford

Posted: 14/06/2011

Aftermaths: South Africa after Transitional Justice

Professor Paul Gready, Director of the Centre for Applied Human Rights, University of York

Posted: 07/06/2011

Complementary Knowledges: the Therapeutic and Legal Governance of Memory at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

Peter Manning, PhD candidate in Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science

Posted: 07/06/2011

The Role of Physical Evidence from Cambodia's Killing Fields in the Quest for Justice

Dr. Melanie Klinkner, Lecturer in Law, Bournemouth University

Posted: 31/05/2011

Legacies of Conflict: Healing Complexes and Moving Forwards in Afghanistan

Emily Winterbotham, Researcher in Transitional Justice, Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit, Kabul

Posted: 27/05/2011

Nunca Mas: The Politics of Transitional Justice in Argentina and Uruguay, 1983-2010

Dr. Francesca Lessa, Research Assistant, Latin American Centre, University of Oxford

Posted: 26/05/2011

Reparation and Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Bosnia and Serbia: What Role for Socio-Legal Studies?

Professor Stephan Parmentier, Professor of Criminology, Leuven Institute of Criminology, K.U. Leuven

Posted: 16/05/2011

Special Lecture: International Criminal Courts: The Advocate's Perspective

Sir Geoffrey Nice QC

Posted: 03/05/2011

Memory in the Aftermath of War: Australian Responses to the Vietnamese Refugee Crisis of 1975-76

Dr. Nathalie Nguyen, Associate Professor of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne


Hilary Term 2011



Posted: 08/03/2011

Four Dead in Ohio: The Politics of Public Memory at Kent State

Dr. Mark Laffey, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, SOAS, University of London

Posted: 15/02/2011

The Consequences of Violent Politics in Zimbabwe: Norton in 2009

Prof. Jocelyn Alexander, Professor of Development Studies, University of Oxford

Posted: 08/02/2011

Immunities of State Officials, International Crimes and Foreign Domestic Courts

Dapo Akande, Lecturer in Public International Law; Co‐Director, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC), University of Oxford

Posted: 01/02/2011

Australia: A Continuing Genocide?

Dr. Damien Short, Director, Centre for International Human Rights, Institute of Commonwealth Studies

Posted: 18/01/2011

Norms and Peace - Building in Georgia: Territorial Integrity, Sovereignty, Non‐Intervention and National Self‐Determination

Prof. Neil MacFarlane, Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford



Trinity Term 2010



Posted: 18/05/2010

A Truth Commission Goes Abroad: Liberian Transitional Justice in New York

Dr. Jonny Steinberg, Author and Journalist; Visiting Fellow, African Studies Centre, University of Oxford

Posted: 12/05/2010

Roundtable - Movements of and the Ugandan Military Campaign against the Lord's Resistance Army

Professor Ron Atkinson, Director of African Studies at the University of South Carolina

Posted: 11/05/2010

Peddling Influence: A Rwandan Response to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

Dr. Wendy Lambourne, Senior Lecturer and Academic Coordinator, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney  Allison Turner, Defence Counsel, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

Posted: 11/05/2010

Justice for Whom? Assessing Local Responses to Transitional Justice in Rwanda, Cambodia and Sierra Leone

Dr. Wendy Lambourne, Senior Lecturer and Academic Coordinator, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney

Posted: 07/05/2010

Transitional Justice and Development

Juan Mendez, President Emeritus, International Center for Transitional Justice; and former UN Secretary-General's Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide


Michaelmas Term 2010



Posted: 17/11/2010

The Special Court for Sierra Leone: An Instrument of External Hegemony?

Chris Mahony, DPhil candidate in Politics, University of Oxford; OTJR Treasurer

Posted: 03/11/2010

Crimes against Humanity: Human Rights and Justice in Argentina

Judge Sergio Gabriel Torres, Federal Judge in Criminal and Correctional Matters in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Academic Vice President for Argentina at the Ibero‐American Criminal Law Institute

Posted: 26/10/2010

A People that Perseveres: Psychological Analysis of Collective Amnesia in Lebanon and its Implications for Transitional Justice

Diane Batchelor, Former Researcher at UMAM Documentation and Research, Beirut



Hilary Term 2010



Posted: 08/03/2010

Socio‐Economic Rights in the South African Constitutional Court: Is the Honeymoon Over? & Bringing Socio‐Economic Factors into the Transitional Justice Debate

 Dr. Sabine Michalowski, Reader in Law, University of Essex

Professor Sandra Fredman, Professor of Law, University of Oxford


Posted: 22/02/2010

Defending the Damned: The Role of Defence Counsel in International Criminal Cases

Peter Robinson, Legal Advisor for former Bosnian Serb President, Radovan Karadzic, ICTY and Lead Counsel for former President of the Rwandan National Assembly Joseph Nzirorera, ICTR

Posted: 15/02/2010

Negotiating the Post-conflict State: Land Disputes in Juba, Southern Sudan

Naseem Badiey, DPhil candidate in Politics, University of Oxford, and Visiting Scholar in the Center for African Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Posted: 08/02/2010

Between Armageddon and Utopia: Conflict Prevention, Justice and Reconciliation after Mass Atrocity

Dr. Rami Mani, Senior Research Associate, Centre for International Studies, University of Oxford and Project Director, Ending Mass Atrocities - Echoes in the South

Posted: 01/02/2010

Punishment in Transition: Re-thinking the Role of Punishment and Sentencing for Transitional Justice

Professor Ralph Henham, Professor of Criminal Justice, Nottingham Trent University

Posted: 18/01/2010

International Justice: Transitional, Distributive and Rectificatory

Dr. Daniel Butt, Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Bristol


Michaelmas Term 2009



Posted: 25/11/2009

Briefing: Liberia's Experiment with Transitional Justice

Dr. Jonny Steinberg, African Affairs

Posted: 24/11/2009

Transitional Justice and the Inter-American Human Rights System

Par Engstrom, Lecturer in Human Rights, Human Rights Consortium, School of Advanced Studies, University of London

Posted: 17/11/2009

Localising Transitional Justice: Establishing the War Crimes Chamber of the Bosnia Court

Dr. Alex Jeffrey, Lecturer in Human Geography, Newcastle University

Posted: 10/11/2009

Papering Over the Cracks: Reconciliation in Zimbabwe's Unity Government Era

Dr. Blessing-Miles Tendi, Researcher, University of Oxford

Posted: 10/11/2009

Debating Transitional Justice in Zimbabwe: Victim-Centred Rhetoric or Reality?

Janice Winter, Programme Manager, Axess Programme on Journalism and Democracy

Posted: 03/11/2009

Repairing Libya's Past: Where Does the Quest for Compensation End?

Dr. Claudia Gazzini, Max Weber Fellow, European University Institute, Florence