Transitional Justice in Indonesia

Indonesia's transition from a centralised, military-dominated regime to a multi-ethnic democracy has often been held up as a shining example of successful democratisation. However, the legacy of violence runs deep and has given rise to strong demands for justice. Transitional justice in practice in Indonesia combines many of the elements familiar from across the field, from local processes to international tribunals set up following East Timorese independence.

The Working Papers series, along with podcasts from OTJR seminars and events on Indonesian subjects, seeks to broaden perspectives on one of the most difficult and nuanced situations of TJ practice.

Series Papers


1. Not to Be Neglected: The Religious Landscape in West Papua 

Thu, 04 Mar 2010 by Christian Warta

Tension and division in West Papua is not only focused around nationalism; religion is a key, but often ignored, factor.

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