Taking Stock of Transitional Justice: An international conference critically engaging with the academic thinking and practical implementation of transitional justice.

From 26th to 28th June 2009, Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR) hosted the international conference, “Taking Stock of Transitional Justice.” 170 delegates from 36 countries took part in the event, which was held in the Social Sciences Building at the University of Oxford. Featuring 75 presentations by established experts and new thinkers who challenge accepted positions, the conference provided the basis for re-orienting the study and practice of transitional justice. Bringing together speakers and participants from a wide range of geographical areas, with a focus on transitional justice-affected countries, the conference provided a means to foster dialogue and establish long-term working relationships. 

One senior academic said, 

"The conference was the largest I have attended in this burgeoning field and included many of the most senior academics and legal practitioners from around the globe who work in the area. Certainly for many of us who attended, it felt like a critical juncture in the development of the field."

The conference was organised by the following members of OTJR: Nicola Palmer (conference coordinator), Phil Clark, Briony Jones, Teddy Harrison, Julia Paulson, Chris Mahony, James Upcher, Par Engstrom, Ross Beaton, Paul Honey, Danielle Granville, Naseem Badiey, Josiah Kaplan, Rinaldo Cristofori and Paul Kadetz. OTJR is immensely grateful to the following sponsors for their generous support of the conference: the Planethood Foundation, the Royal African Society, Rapisardi Intellectual Property, the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, the Oxford Law Faculty, the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, and the African Studies Centre at the University of Oxford.  

The conference programme, provides further details of the speakers and their presentations.

The photos from the conference are now available.

Many of the sessions were recorded and can be heard by clicking on the podcast links.