Value of Competition - How to Join as an Ambassador

As a pro-bono voluntary programme, the Value of Competition initiative heavily relies on volunteers who are interested in and willing to engage with their local community.

Ambassadors vary in their engagement. Some engage in a handful of presentations per year, while others may operate as part of an organisation or established programme and engage on an ongoing basis. Either way, all efforts are much appreciated and add value.

Ambassadors are independent professionals and volunteers who use materials provided by the CCLP as part of the programme. Ambassadors are not employees or affiliates of the Oxford CCLP or the University of Oxford.

To safeguard the integrity of the programme, Ambassadors agree to represent and teach the material in an honest and balanced way, without promoting corporate or other interests. They will not access and use the materials in a way that is not supported by the programme.

In their presentations and engagement with the wider public, Ambassadors agree to offer clear presentation of their independent status, to execute reasonable care in the teaching and communications, and to clarify that they are neither employees nor affiliates of the University of Oxford and have not been subjected to a formal vetting process.

To indicate your interest in joining the programme, please email the Value of Competition Administrator:

In your communication, please provide the following details: 

  • Full name and title;
  • Affiliation;
  • Proposed country or countries of engagement; 
  • A short bio of no more than 100 words;
  • A link to a personal website (if available).

Please also attach a photo to your email. In submitting your information you agree to your details being presented on the Value of Competition website and to be added to the Value of Competition Ambassadors’ mailing list.

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