The Value of Competition

‘The Value of Competition’ is a pro-bono programme dedicated to supporting competition culture in developed and developing countries.


The programme aims to support a competitive culture and educate consumers and stakeholders through the provision of teaching regarding the value of competition, the obstacles to competition, and enforcement approaches to anti-competitive activities. This ‘grass-roots’ approach supports the enforcement efforts of competition and consumer protection agencies and helps align culture with legal norms.


Short presentations and lectures

The programme coordinates volunteers around the world who act as ambassadors for competition. These volunteers deliver short presentations and lectures to school pupils, students and adults - in universities, community centres, business organisations, co-operatives, unions, and small and medium size enterprises.

We welcome volunteers to join as ‘Value of Competition Ambassadors’ to engage with their local community. Ambassadors can use the presentation materials provided by the programme and will be offered ongoing support in their efforts to promote a culture of competition.


Training programmes

To supplement the work of Ambassador volunteers (who deliver short presentations), the ‘value of competition’ also offers more structured training programmes, aimed at capacity building. These can be delivered in collaboration with academic institutions, civil society organizations and international entities.

Programmes are tailor-made to cater to each group and can cover a range of topics, including antitrust economics, competition policy and goals, the laws against cartels, abuse of power, merger control, public and private enforcement, and review of specific areas of interests, including the digital economy, sustainability, plurality, and democracy.

To increase the impact of these programmes, participants are encouraged to join the ‘value of competition’ network of ambassadors upon completion of their training, to help disseminate knowledge and build capacity in their local communities.


"Competition offers significant benefits to society. It is thus relevant that such benefits, such values, can be grasped by our young citizens as early as possible. Their well-being and the opportunities that they will have throughout their lives very much depend on the degree of openness and competitiveness of the economy they live in.”
Margarida Matos Rosa
Former President of the Portuguese Competition Authority
“I am very pleased to see this pro-bono programme developing a mission-oriented culture and contributing to bridging the gap between competition experts, local communities and social actors.”

Monique Goyens
Director General, BEUC – The European Consumer Organisation


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