Value of Competition - Key Presentations

As part of the programme, ambassadors are encouraged to make use of the two main PowerPoint presentations and supporting materials as they offer their guest lectures in schools, community centres, universities, and the wider community. Each of the sessions lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

The introductory sessions delivered as part of the programme are designed to be accessible, simple to understand, and engaging. Ambassadors are encouraged to engage the local community through lectures and discussion groups. When possible, they are encouraged to also offer ‘train the trainer’ sessions, in which they empower teachers in local schools, leaders in community centres, and other stakeholders, to be able to deliver the presentations.

Ambassadors can contextualise the slides to better reflect local economic and market realities. In addition, Ambassadors can contact the CCLP to gain assistance with tailoring presentations that cater to specific economic and market realities, to ensure that the presentations adequately take into account the relevant specificities of the local area and are suitable for the intended audience.

Introduction to Competition

This presentation provides an introduction to the benefits of competition to consumers. It briefly discusses attempts by businesses to undermine competition via anticompetitive agreements or abuse of market power, and the possible effects of mergers between large firms. The presentation makes reference to the competition agency's response to illegal anticompetitive activities but also underscores the challenges associated with determining the adequate level of intervention. Finally, the presentation notes the way in which competition (or the lack of it) affects not only the money in our wallets, but also the distribution of wealth in society, inequality, citizen autonomy, workers’ rights, corporate culture, and ultimately democracy itself.


Digital Economy and Citizen Welfare

The digital economy offers significant benefits to society, but also poses unique challenges to competition. This presentation explores some of the strategies that could adversely affect consumer well-being and the competitive process. Examples include the possible abuse of market power (exclusionary practices) or the manipulation of internet users (exploitation). The possible roles of competition law, consumer protection law, and regulation are explained while taking account of the challenge associated with identifying the optimal level of intervention. 



Ambassadors have access to two sets of presentation materials:

  1. Introduction Lecture on the Value of Competition.
  2. Overview of Competition in the Digital Economy and Citizen Welfare.

PowerPoint presentations for each of these modules are available in different styles and in different languages.

Each of the modules also includes background notes that offer the lecturer guidance on the flow and focus of each of these sessions. 

Ambassadors have the freedom to adjust and edit the slides: to add examples from the local market, reflect domestic legal and enforcement reality, and cater to specific audiences. 

To get hold of presentation materials and background notes, please email the Value of Competition administrator:



Sample of PowerPoint Presentations

Introduction to competition
Digital Competition

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