Access Videos

Want to hear what our current law students have to say about their experience at Oxford? Hear them talk about finances, interviews, tutorials, and social life in our access video series.

We've interviewed a variety of Law undergraduates from different backgrounds and across Oxford colleges to hear their thoughts on applying to the university, the support it provides for applicants, and life once you get here.

Studying Law

Oxford works on a system of fewer contact hours with more reading and self-directed study, but the tutorial system means students can discuss all the concepts they've been reading about and raise problems as they come across them. You'll get to bounce your own ideas off those of leading academics in the field. 


Welfare and Financial Support

There is a network of various welfare and financial support systems in place at Oxford, available through faculties, colleges, and the university as a whole. Student representatives are appointed within the Law Faculty to report to the governing body about matters of student experience, as well as course-related concerns, and then feed discussions back to students. The faculty also has a series of prizes available to Law undergraduates. 

The Interview Guide

All prospective Law candidates will be required to sit at least two interviews in the college that they applied or have been pooled to. These should last no more than half an hour and are intended to imitate the style of a conventional one-on-one tutorial. 

Access Opportunities

The Law Faculty is committed to widening access to Oxford and holds a variety of events every year directed at first-generation students and those from lower income backgrounds or schools with a low history of progression to higher education. These include open days, our summer schools, and the Pathways to Law programme.

College Life

The life of a Law student is typically split between time within the Law Faculty, which provides the Bodleian Law Library and lectures, or at college, where the majority of tutorial teaching takes place. 

Social Life

You won't want to spend all your time studying. For Law students there is an array of subject-related extra-curricular activities to choose between, from joining the Oxford Law Society to participating in debating and mooting competitions.

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