The All England Law Reports Index

The All England Law Reports (All ER) began in 1936. They are published by Butterworths/Lexis Nexis, and are a rival publication to the Law Reports. The All ERs report significant judgments from the Courts of Appeal and High Courts, and ECJ cases since 1995. The All ERs are generally considered to be second in authority to the Law Reports. These reports cross refer to relevant entries in Halsbury's LawsHalsbury's Statutes and the Digest.

Where are the All ERs? Online in Lexis Nexis and in print at Cw UK 120 A11 on the main floor of the Bodleian Law Library.

Index to the All ERs

The All ERs Index consists of three volumes, published annually. Soft cover supplements are issued to cover the period between publication of the indexes and the present. It indexes only cases reported in the All ERs:

  • Volume 1 indexes all reported cases and UK and EU legislation judicially considered
  • Volumes 2 and 3 are a subject index.

How to search subsequent judicial history of a judgment in the All ERs index

1. In volume 1, browse the alphabetical list of party names.

2. If the case has been subsequently judicially considered, this is indicated below the All ER citation for the case report.

Note: This one-volume search is the simplest search in the print resources for judicial history of judgments, however it is limited to what has been reported in the All Englands.

How to search for cases that have applied a piece of legislation in the All ERs Index

1. Turn to the back of volume 1, which provides alphabetical lists of statutes, regulations, order and EC legislation (which is listed by type of legislation, then chronologically).

2. Browse the appropriate list to find the legislation in which you are interested, and citations of the cases reported in the All ERs that have interpreted this legislation.

3. Go the relevant volume of the All ERs to find the party names and read the case.

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