Finding Legal Material

This section is designed to support Unit One of the Legal Research and Mooting Programme : Finding Legal Materials.  It will go through how to find the different types of material you will find on your reading list in the most efficient way so you have more time to read the items.

One of the first things you need to determine is what sort of material you are being asked to find.  The Overview goes into detail about the types of resource you will come across and so if you are uncertain it may help to go back and read through this again.  It depends on what you are looking for as to where you should start looking and how you search so this section will break it down individually.

Finding Cases gives advice about which databases to use, how to search for cases in those databases, and how to find the seemingly unfindable.  It will also include information on hard copy sources.

Finding Legislation provides information about databases holding UK and EU legislation and how to use them.

Finding Articles goes through how  to find online journal articles using databases, indexes and what to do when you can't find what you are looking for.

Finding Books will look at how to use the Library Catalogue (this section will be coming soon).

Finding EU Material looks at EU legal sources.


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