Welcome to the Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal (OUULJ), Oxford's only publication for undergraduate legal writing, edited and staffed entirely by students.

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Founded in 2009, OUULJ is the first undergraduate law journal in the UK. Under the auspices of the Faculty of Law, the OUULJ offers a unique opportunity for law undergraduates to publish their academic legal writing in a recognised law journal and a platform for discourse on legal developments.

We mainly accept submissions that come within the Oxford undergraduate law syllabus, but authors are also encouraged to tackle topics beyond the curriculum. Full details of our submission guidelines can be found here.

On top of our annual publications, we strive to promote a culture of academic legal writing in Oxford. For instance, in 2017, the OUULJ hosted a conversation with Professor Mindy Chen-Wishart about life in legal academia. Our Honorary Board comprises distinguished members such as Lord Neuberger and Lord Phillips as well as various notable legal academics and professionals.

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The Editorial Board

Adrian Burbie & Niamh Kelly
Adrian Burbie and Niamh Kelly 




Vivian Leong and Bruno Ligas-Rucinski