Submissions to the Journal

Journal submissions for the 13th Edition of the OUULJ (2023-24) are now open.

The Journal is now accepting submissions for its 13th Edition. 

All submissions should be sent to as a Word Document, with the Subject Title "Submission to the 13th Edition". 

Writing an article or casenote for the Journal is an excellent way to deepen one’s understanding of the relevant subject area and develop crucial skills for academic writing or legal practice. Needless to say, having a “Publications” section in one’s CV is rare and has the potential to set oneself apart from the herd.

If you wish to submit a potential Article for the 13th Edition of the Journal, please see our submission guidelines below:

  • Submissions must be from current undergraduate students. We also accept submissions from recently graduated students providing that the submission was written whilst they were an undergraduate. 
  • We accept submissions from students enrolled at any university
  • We are looking for articles about any specific element of law (including jurisprudence), or notes about a recent case, recent legislation or recent legal developments. Articles should be something more than a mere tutorial essay, both in terms of length and depth of academic treatment of the material. The submission should concern any subject within the scope of Oxford Moderations Syllabus or the Final Honours School syllabus. A comprehensive list of these subjects can be found here.
  • Submissions should relate to English law. We also accept pieces covering law in other common/civil law/mixed jurisdictions where such pieces have a substantial comparative aspect with English law and are primarily centred on English law. This requirement does not apply to pieces relating to jurisprudence, EU or international law. 
  • Submissions should be no shorter than 3,000 words, and generally no longer than 6,000 words - this does not include footnotes. If you have a longer piece of writing you may want to submit, feel free to contact us to discuss possible arrangements.
  • Submissions should conform to the OSCOLA referencing system as far as practicable. 
  • If an author wishes to submit more than one piece, the author must submit them one-at-a-time. Once the writer has submitted the first article, they should wait to hear back from the Editorial Board about the progress of the first submission before submitting the second piece. 
  • We consider all submitted manuscripts after the closing date (31th December 2023). All manuscripts will be blind-reviewed by the Senior Editorial Team in early-January. Decisions will be forthcoming shortly after that. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. If you have any further questions, do refer to our Launch Guide here; or drop us an email at

We look forward to receiving your submissions. 

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