Welcome to the Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal (OUULJ), Oxford's only publication for undergraduate legal writing, edited and staffed entirely by students. Journal submissions for the 12th Edition of the OUULJ (2022-23) are now open. To submit, please email a word document of your article to ouulj@law.ox.ac.uk. 

You can find the latest issue of the journal here.

Founded in 2009, OUULJ is the first, oldest and most distinguished solely undergraduate law journal in the UK. Under the auspices of the Faculty of Law, the OUULJ offers a unique opportunity for law undergraduates to publish their academic legal writing in a recognised law journal and a platform for discourse on legal developments.

Concurrently, our Honorary Board has grown over the past decade. It is the OUULJ’s honour to have a number of Supreme Court Justices, King’s Counsel, and leading academics across all fields of the law in endorsement of the journal. We are also generously sponsored by industry leading Firms and Chambers from across the United Kingdom. 

We mainly accept submissions that come within the Oxford undergraduate law syllabus. Full details of our submission guidelines can be found here

On top of our annual publications, we strive to promote a culture of academic legal writing in Oxford. We have relationships with various other law journals and reviews around the UK, and we are always keen to build new and stronger links. 2022 saw the publication of the 11th Edition of the Journal. The judges for the prizes given to the best articles in the 11th Edition were Lady Arden and Professor Philippa Webb. 

We do hope you find what you are looking for on this website. If you do not, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note, this is not a branch of the Law Faculty admissions service.

The Editorial Board

Lester Ho - Editor-in-Chief

Ethan J. Teo - Editor

Amy Hemsworth, Weronika Galka, and Sahil Thapa - Vice Editors in-Chief

Syed Taha Anzar, Nicole Tay, and Shivanii Arun - Vice Editors

Kristen Palmer - Administrative Director

Caitlin Gillett - Publicity Officer 

Chen Ji and Dorothea Oyetunde - Podcast Editors 

Marlon Austin, Alexa Yeo, Somesh Taori, Joshua Ng, Evan Chou, August Chen, Pyari Chopra - Associate Editors

Danyal Raza, Emma Catterall, Ellis Clifford, Isobel Jennings - Blog Editors