13th Edition Publication Evening

Publication Evening is now over. Thanks to all those who attended! 


Poster for the OUULJ Publication Evening

On June 10th, 2024, the Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal (OUULJ) hosted its 13th Edition Publication Evening! 

We were joined by Vice-Dean of the Law Faculty, Professor Donal Nolan, who delivered the Opening Address, and spoke about how he has cited work published in the Journal in his own research! This was followed by the main feature of the evening-- a conversation between our honoured guests and two sitting UK Supreme Court judges, Lord Briggs and Lord Sales. They were joined by Professor Ben McFarlane in a discussion that explored the relationship between common law and equity across contract, trusts, and public law. There were some fiery questions from the audience-- from Oxford's very own Professor Bill Swadling and Professor Roy Goode!

We awarded the winners of our Best Private (Nathan Oliver) and Public Law (Lucy Ryder) Article Prizes, as well as our Annual Essay Competition (Ming Song Oh). 

Ethan Teo, our Editor-in-Chief delivered his Closing Address, reflecting on how law at Oxford has changed over the years and ending on a wish-- that even a thousand years from now, the OUULJ will exist in some shape or form. 

Thank you to all those who attended, and to our sponsors and supporters for making this event possible. 

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