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We welcome papers that fit broadly under the heading, but are particularly interested in papers related to the conference themes:

  • new forms of harm as a result of enhancement technologies
  • whether there might be an obligation to enhance
  • product liability issues
  • the right to bodily integrity and enhancement
  • non-voluntary enhancement
  • implications of enhancement technology for governance
  • implications for the criminal law (incl. criminal responsibility)
  • tort claims for harm as a result of enhancement (or the failure to enhance)
  • regulating access to enhancing technologies
  • genetic enhancement and impact on future generations
  • regulatory approaches to challenges raised by enhancement
  • data protection and device hacking
  • defining enhancement for the purposes of regulation
  • the political dimension to regulating enhancement

We invite participants to either present a paper, and/or offer to be on a panel to lead discussions on a range of topics (we are also open to panel topic suggestions from participants). We will invite some participants to chair sessions.

Paper presentations
Papers will be 20-30 minutes long with 10 minutes for questions.

Panel sessions
Sessions will be 1.5 hours long, with panelists offering 5 minutes of introductory comments each on the panel topic, before discussion is opened up and lead by the panel chair.

We welcome suggestions for panel topics. Alternatively, if you would like join a panel, please contact us with your areas of interest.

Panel topics will include (but are not limited to):

  • Genetic enhancement
  • Enhancement and legal responsibility
  • Defining enhancement for the purposes of regulation
  • Enhancement, harm and compensation
  • Enhancement and the criminal law
  • Could there be an obligation to enhance?


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A selection of papers will be submitted for inclusion in a special issue of the Journal of Law, Information and Science (, a peer-reviewed journal published by the School of Law, University of Tasmania, Australia.

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