Keynote Speakers

Dr Jan-Christoph Bublitz

Jan-Christoph Bublitz is a researcher and lecturer in criminal law and legal philosophy at the University of Hamburg who specialises in cognitive enhancement.

Professor Bert-Jaap Koops

Bert-Jaap Koops is researcher at Tilburg University with a particular interest in the intersection of technology and regulation. His main areas of interest include cybercrime, cyber-investigation, privacy, and data protection.

Professor Anton Vedder

Anton Vedder is an Associate Professor at the University of Tilburg whose research focuses on the regulation of emerging technology and bioethics. His particular areas of interest include the acceptance and adoption of new technology, legitimacy, privacy, security, and transformations in health care.

Professor Ruud ter Meulen

Ruud ter Meulen is Emeritus Professor at Bristol University and Director of the Centre for Ethics in Medicine, specialising in justice in health care, the ethics of research, the care of the elderly and in evidence-based medicine.

Professor Karen Yeung

Karen Yeung is Professor of law at King's College London, specialising in regulatory government and emerging technology. 

Dr Hannah Maslen

Hannah Maslen is Lecturer in law and philoshophy at New College, Oxford. She works at the Oxford Martin Programme on 'Mind and Machine', focusing on the legal, ethical and social implications of brain intervention technologies. 

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