The NeuroLaw Network is comprised of academics from institutions across the UK, Europe and the USA and our upcoming conference will look at a range of issues relating to the law and regulation of emerging technology. A copy of the the conference pack with information for attendees, titles and copies of abstracts is now available here. The conference will include as keynote speakers Jan-Christoph Bublitz, Karen Yeung, Hannah Maslen and Ruud ter Meulen. 

Other Confirmed speakers include:

  • Rebecca Roache - Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Imogen Goold - University of Oxford
  • Cressida Auckland - University of Oxford
  • Nick Davis - University of Manchester
  • Daniele Ruggiu - University of Padua
  • Lisa Claydon - The Open University
  • Nick Fitz - University of British Columbia
  • Filippo Santoni de Sio – Delft University of Technology
  • Ana Nordberg - University of Copenhagen
  • Lisa Forsberg - King’s College London
  • Alex McKeown - University of Bristol
  • Elisabeth Hildt - Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Donna Dickenson - University of Bristol
  • Nicole Vincent, Georgia State University
  • Anton Vedder - Tilburg University
  • Chris Bublitz - University of Hamburg
  • Karen Yeung - Kings College London
  • Han Somsen - Tilburg University

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