Project Workshops

The 1st NeuroLaw Network Workshop at Oxford on 6th March 2014

First Workshop

Our first workshop was held in Oxford on 6th March 2014, with 14 members attending. Members shared their research interests, and highlighted areas in need of research. Topics of discussion included:

  • the use of oxytocin to affect contract negotiations;
  • liability for errors that could have been avoided by taking an enhancing drug;
  • the need for differentiated understanding of the goals of enhancement;
  • off-prescription use of pharmaceuticals as enhancers, including Adderall, modafinil and Ritalin;
  • trans-cranial stimulation devices, such as fo.cus;
  • brain-machine interfaces, cyborgs and biorobotics; and
  • non-voluntary enhancement;


Second Workshop

Our second workshop was held in Bristol on 25-26 June 2014, with 7 members attending. Topics of discussion included:

  • new forms of harm as a result of enhancement technologies;
  • questions of identity post-enhancement and where robots acts as avatars;
  • problems with proving harms that result from the use (or failure to use) enhancers;
  • challenges raised by use of enhancers in the employment context;
  • right to bodily integrity and enhancement.


Third Workshop

Our third workshop was held in Oxford on 18-19 August, with 23 members attending. Topics of discussion included:

  • Definitions of enhancement
  • Design-based approaches to control
  • tDCS and brain stimulation
  • Neuroenhancement issues in different jurisdictions
  • Genetic enhancement
  • Enhancement and human rights
  • Regulatory questions

Our next workshop will be held in mid 2015. Details to follow.

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