Supporting Organizations

Here is a list of the ombudsmen (ADR bodies) that are part of my study, in Germany, the UK and France.


Financial Ombudsman Service look at complaints about most financial problems



Bundesnetzagentur (Schlichtungsstelle Telekommunikation) look at complaints about telecommunications.





Legal Ombudsman looks at complaints about the legal profession.




Deutscher Bundestag (Petitionsausschuss) looks at complaints about government bodies.





SOP looks at complaints about public transport.




Le Mediateur National de L'Energie is the national ombudsman dealing with energy complaints.




Ombudsman Services looks at complaints about communications,  energy, property, copywritght and retail.




Schlichtungsstelle Energie looks at energy complaints.



Local Government Ombudsman looks at complaints about councils and some other authorities and organisations, including education admissions appeal panels and adult social care providers (such as care homes and home care providers).




Le Mediateur des Communications Electroniques looks at complaints about telecommunications. 


Parliamentary and Health Service Ombdusman make final decisions on complaints that have not been resolved by the NHS in England and UK government departments and other UK public organisations.



Versicherungsombudsmann looks at complaints about insurances.






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