Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team

Purpose of the Self-Assessment Team (SAT)

To participate in the Athena Swan Charter, the submitting unit (e.g. university, department, research institute, faculty, institute of technology, etc) needs to establish a strong and effective self-assessment team (SAT). Having an effective SAT and undertaking a thorough self-assessment is key to the success of an application and fundamentally, to the effectiveness of the process. A thorough self-assessment includes, but is not limited to the following activity:

  • Reflecting on a range of quantitative and qualitative data to identify both challenges and opportunities with regards to gender equality;
  • Evaluating relevant policies, practices and activities = Responding to the findings of the above and establishing gender equality-based priority areas and appropriate aspirations and targets;
  • Developing an evidence-based, comprehensive action plan to underpin advancement against the agreed priorities over the whole award period, after which time the unit will apply to renew or upgrade their award;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of actions undertaken on an ongoing basis, to ensure actions are delivering impact against objectives and evolving the action plan in response to the evaluation.

You can read more about the self-assessment process in the SAT Guidance document.

SAT Members (2020-22)

The Faculty would like to express its gratitude to all members of the Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team for their work and invaluable contributions to our work of progressing gender equality within the Faculty.

Adam PerryKristin van Zwieten
Andrew HigginsLisa Forsberg
Arunima ShrikhandeLuca Enriques
Catherine RedgwellLucinda Ferguson
Charlotte VinnicombeMargaret Watson
Christopher HareMiles Jackson
Ciara KennefickMindy Chen-Wishart
Clara ElodMiranda Mourby
Daisy OgemboNaomi Lott
Dorota LeczykiewiczRobert Burrell
Helen ScottSanja Bogojevic
Horst EidenmĂĽllerVictoria McCloud
John ArmourZoe Campbell
Katarina Foss-Solbrekk 

If you are interested in joining the SAT or would like to find out more, please contact 

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