Race Equality

Anti-racism statement from the Faculty of Law, June 2020

Almost two weeks have passed since the death of George Floyd in the United States. We have since witnessed a nation in turmoil in the grip of racism. But racism is not isolated to a single jurisdiction and its roots run deep in societies and institutions across the world.

The Oxford Law Faculty is committed to efforts to eliminate discrimination, create equal opportunities and develop good working relationships between different people. We pride ourselves on our multinational and multiracial staff and students. We know we still have much to do, but we acknowledge that fostering inclusiveness and diversity must be a central objective of any first-rate research and education institution.

As pointed out by Baroness Hale in the Inaugural Equality Lecture at the Faculty of Law, equality is the responsibility of us all. It is also an effort that must be continuous.

We stand in solidarity with non-violent antiracist efforts here and elsewhere; today and in the future.