Solidarity Anti-Racist Resource Round-Up

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16 July - 16 August
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09:00 - 09:00
Oxford week

Over the past several months, millions of people have stood-up, spoken-out, protested, and fought against systemic racism and racial injustice in the United States, and across the world. Black Lives Matter Oxford (BLM OX), the Refugee and Migration Law Discussion Group (RMLDG), the Feminist Jurisprudence Discussion Group (FJDG) and the Oxford Human Rights Hub (OxHRH) stand firmly in solidarity with all people fighting systemic racism, violence, and racial injustice.

We strongly support ongoing initiatives to address systemic racism at the University of Oxford and join a multidisciplinary coalition of groups in advocating for institutional reforms. Amongst many groups at the University, Common Ground recently published an open letter, 'Oxford University Must Tackle Systemic Racism', that we invite you to review and sign.

An Anti-Racist Collective, formed by a group of students in the Law Faculty, invites all students and early-career researchers interested in organising and seeking the implementation of the 10 reforms that the Faculty has already committed to, to get involved. For more information about getting involved, please reach out to

We believe that we cannot stand idly by on the sidelines and have to actively commit to fighting systemic racism across the Faculty and in our communities. We have a responsibility to listen, to educate ourselves, and to commit to real action. We invite everyone to learn more about the vital work that community organisations and community leaders are undertaking and hope that you will lend your time, support, and donations, if you can.

+Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is the international human rights movement which campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards Black people.

+Communities United Against Police Brutality

Communities United Against Police Brutality operates a crisis hotline where people can report abuse. The organisation offers legal, medical, and psychological support, and engages in political action against police brutality.

+Marsha P. Johnson Institute

The Marsha P. Johnson Institute protects and defends the human rights of Black transgender people by organising, advocating, creating an intentional community to heal, developing transformative leadership, and promoting our collective power.

+Black Curriculum

The Black Curriculum is a social enterprise established by young people to address the lack of Black British history in the U.K. Curriculum. The enterprise facilitates social change by delivering arts-focused Black history programmes, providing teacher training and campaigning through mobilising young people.

+Black Lives Matter U.K.

The U.K. Chapter of the international movement to advance racial justice; composed of a coalition of activists from across the U.K.

+Justice 4 Grenfell

Justice 4 Grenfell is a community-led organisation, focused on the long-term goal of obtaining justice for the bereaved families, survivors, evacuated residents, and the wider local community.

+No More Exclusion (NME)

No More Exclusions is an organisation that adopts a ‘bottom-up’ approach, privileging the voices of children and young adults who have experienced school exclusion in their young lives. NME’s mission is to bring about an end to the persistent race-disparity in school exclusions in the U.K.


StopWatch is a coalition, which works to promote effective, accountable, and fair policing across the U.K. and to inform the public about the use of stop and search motions. The coalition organises awareness-raising events and forums, and provides legal aid assistance.

Many of these organisations, and others alike, have created useful guides that you can utilise in the long-term.  We invite you to access these resources as well as readings, podcasts, and other materials on the recently-established Oxford Anti-Racist Platform.

If you might have other ideas or resources that you would like us to include in this resource round-up, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

In solidarity,

Black Lives Matter Oxford

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