The informativeness of on-line advertising Dr Greg Taylor (University of Oxford)

To protect or not to protect? The eligibility of commercially-used short verbal texts for Copyright and Trade Mark protection Dr Jennifer Davis, Professor Alan Durant (University of Cambridge, University of Middlesex )

EU accession to the ECHR: Implications for European Patent Law Professor Aurora Plomer (University of Sheffield)

How idiosyncratic is Patent value? Exploring the importance of firm characteristics in Patent Valuation  George Chondrakis (Said Business School, University of Oxford)

Pivotal concepts long overlooked? The work and authorship in EU Copyright Law  Dr Mireille van Eechoud (University of Amsterdam)

Functionality  Professor Stacey Dogan (Boston University)

Justifying Intellectual Property Professor Robert Merges (Berkeley Law, University of California)

IP Policy and economic research Tony Clayton (Intellectual Property Office)

The social value of Patent disclosure Professor Dietmar Harhoff (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)

Emerging IP monetization solutions: The institutionalization of an IP exchange  Gerard Pannekoek (Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of IPXI Holdings)

Patent claim construction in the United States as a form of legal interpretation  Dr Christian Mammen (University of California Hastings College of Law)

The Supreme Court as “Prime Percolator”  Professor John Golden (University of Texas at Austin)

IP Remedies and what they reveal about the nature of IP  Professor Peter Jaffey (Brunel University)

The Common Law and IP Hazel Carty (University of Manchester)

The Europeanisation of UK Patent Law Stephen Jones (Baker & McKenzie)