Over the years members of the Centre, from Academic Members and Fellows to graduate research students,  have been involved with some really interesting research. If you're looking to engage with recent developments within IP or would benefit from the facilities and resources available through the centre, please do take a look at our Visitors Programme to find out how to get involved with IP at Oxford. 

Past Research Projects

Artificial Intelligence and IP -  Response to the UKIPO Consultation

In an emerging and exciting area of IP, a team from the OIPRC submitted a response to the UKIPO's consultation on the intersection of AI and IP in 2022. Our team assessed how far patents and copyright should protect creative work made by AI. More details can be found through the link.

Voluntary Copyright Registration and Deposit Systems -  EUIPO Report

The project was led by Professor Dev Gangjee and Professor Graeme Dinwoodie, assisted by some of our graduate research students in 2017. Research was undertaken, through interviews with registry officials in both the US and China, to ascertain how the extent of how practically useful voluntary registration of copyright is. 

The link provides further details on the project and the full report.

Copyright Limitations

This project consisted of a panel, held jointly by the OIPRC and the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development, to discuss the question of whether universities are permitted to use excerpts from copyright-protected works in the creation of course packs. This panel was catalysed by the consideration of this question by the Delhi High Court. More details can be fond through the link. 

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