The Law Faculty has a large body of graduate research students. Read about the programme of student-led discussion groups and see the recently completed PhDs.

Our current students are working on a range of topics:

Katharina Behrend
Katharina is a DPhil in Law student at the University of Oxford. Her doctoral work focuses on trade secrets. She is also a co-convenor of the Intellectual Property Discussion Group.

Quentin Cregan
Quentin’s doctoral research focuses upon the interaction between copyright enforcement regimes with public and procedural law.

Alvaro Fernandez de la Mora
Alvaro's doctoral research explores ongoing domestic, regional and international trademark litigation in the search for patterns of transnational norm formation in trademark law.

Henry Fraser
His DPhil research is focussed on how copyright law influences the allocation of resources in the creative sphere, how this influences the quality of creative material, and how these qualitative outcomes should be taken into account in copyright policy and law making.

Kathy-Anne (Gabe) Hughes
Gabrielle is a DPhil Candidate at the University of Oxford, School of Archaeology, focusing on on Cultural Heritage Law. Using Indigenous video games as case study, her research examines traditional knowledge and copyright in digital spaces.

Alexandra Mogyoros
Alexandra is DPhil Candidate at the University of Oxford. She is Co-convenor of the IP Discussion Group

Luis Henrique Porangaba
Luis' MPhil research focuses on trade mark law.

Andrea Zappalaglio
Andrea is a DPhil candidate specialised in Intellectual Property Law.  He graduated at the University of Milan (1st class cum laude) and earned the LLM Degree at the University College of London (Distinction).