Quiet Rooms

Contemplation Room - St Cross Building

WELCOME: This is a quiet space for wellbeing, reflection, and prayer for people of all faiths and none. Please kindly respect other people's use of this room. Thank you.

The Contemplation Room is located on the ground floor of the St Cross Building, next to some of the Faculty's main teaching spaces (the Cube, Seminar Room D and Seminar Room F) and close to the accessible entrance on Manor Rd.

The room has been created for the use of all staff, students and visitors who may need a little time away from the busy spaces we all occupy. The room is available to anyone in the vicinity who needs a quiet, private space, for a short period during the working day. Some people may use this room to rest, to pray or to meditate.

Door sign: 'Please do not disturb'; 'Welcome, come on in'; 'In use, happy to share'.

The round sign above the door handle gives you the option to signal whether you would like to be left alone ('please do not disturb') or whether you are happy to share the space with others ('in use, happy to share'), for example, during prayer times.

Please note that some religions have set prayer times throughout the day, so you may want to take that into account when using the room. Visit the Oxford University Islamic Society website for Islamic prayer times.

We hope you enjoy this community space and find it pleasant to be in. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome. You can send your comments via the link below.

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Contemplation Room

Lactation Room - Manor Road Building

Lactation Room, view from the door: armchair, sink, mini fridge and desk space.

The Manor Road Building has a dedicated facility for people to express milk during the working day.

The Lactation Room is located on the top floor, next to the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies. It contains an armchair, a sink, a drop-leaf table and a small fridge. The fridge is for the storage of breast milk and formula milk only. However, please note that, although the room is padlocked, the fridge is accessible to members of the public and there is no supervision of the area.

All staff, students and visitors of the Faculty are welcome to use this room. A code for the door can be obtained at reception.

Lift access is available.

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