AHRC Standard Research Grant

Updated 27th November 2020

The AHRC Standard Grant provides awards between £50,000 and £1,000,000 for a varying duration, up to a limit of 60 months. The Research Grants Schemes are intended to support well-defined research projects enabling individual researchers to collaborate with, and bring benefits to, other individuals and organisations through the conduct of research. This scheme is not intended to support individual scholarship. All applications under the grants scheme are required to include a principal investigator and at least one co-investigator jointly involved in the development of the research proposal, its leadership and management and leading to significant jointly authored research outputs.


Applications must demonstrate that they are arts and humanities led, and that a majority of the methodologies, research questions and outputs fall within the AHRC’s subject remit. Further details of the AHRC’s Subject Coverage and list of primary research areas can be found on our remit page.

At the Faculty of Law, both permanent postholders and fixed-term research staff are eligible to apply for funds to cover their salary. For further information, please visit the section on "I need my salary covered". It is advised that permanent members of staff should include 10-30% of their time on the grant application. This does not affect your salary or employment contract with the Faculty but that there would be an opportunity to discuss a teaching buyout at the application stage.

Detailed eligibility criteria are set out within the AHRC research funding guide.

In order to better harmonise doctoral training support across the Research Councils, the AHRC now only supports project students in strategic areas. As a result the AHRC has closed the Project Studentships option within its open call Research Grants scheme and we now only support project-based studentships in strategic and priority areas where there is demonstrable need for capacity building.


The AHRC expects the Principal Investigator and any Co-Investigators to devote an average of at least four hours per week to the project. Where intensive periods of time at specific points on project are required, full justification should be made.

The AHRC attaches major importance to the position of UK arts and humanities research in the international and global arena and positively encourages active collaboration between UK researchers and those in other countries.

You can submit proposals to this call at any time - there are no fixed closing dates. 

Applications should be made via the Joint Electronic Submission System (Je-S). Please allow sufficient time to read the system guidance notes especially with regards to the on-line approval process.

For further information (including guidance and advice on writing an application) please refer to the AHRC Standard Research Grant.


Please allow sufficient time for your application to be reviewed and amended at each stage. This will allow us to support you more effectively and ensure that your proposal is ready for formal submission.

Law Faculty deadline for initial expression of interest 30 Days prior to proposed submission
Law Faculty deadline for first draft review 15 Days prior to proposed submission
Research Services deadline 5 Days prior to proposed submission
Funder deadline Not applicable - Open Call

The assessment process for a proposal will take approximately 30 weeks. The earliest start date for a project should be no earlier than 9 months after submission to the AHRC..