DPhil alumnus: Menelaos Markakis

Alumnus: Menelaos Markakis

The most distinctive feature of the Oxford DPhil programme is the intensity of supervision. I normally meet my supervisor every two to three weeks. He is always there to comment on my work. Even when I have not written something for him to read, he is always happy to meet and discuss my ideas. Another feature of academic life in Oxford that I very much enjoyed is the large number of events, guest seminars, workshops, and so on. My DPhil is in Economic and Monetary Union, which was an emerging area of EU law when I started my DPhil study. However, I was most surprised by the very many opportunities I had to engage with people working in my area and to participate in workshops and discussion groups. Oxford being such an international university, I was also exposed to many different viewpoints from scholars educated in other jurisdictions.

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