The Antitrust Enforcement Symposium

Event date
22 - 23 June
Event time
12:00 - 14:00
Oxford week
TT 9
Harold Lee Room - Pembroke College

Notes & Changes

The Antitrust Enforcement Symposium brings together leading academics, competition officials, policy makers and practitioners from around the world.  The agenda is structured to allow in-depth discussion of the law, economics and policy of antitrust enforcement. This weekend event is a collaboration between the Oxford Centre for Competition Law and Policy, the George Washington University Competition Law Center, and the OUP Journal of Antitrust Enforcement. To facilitate active discussion, only 45 participants are invited to attend the event.


Participation by invitation only



This year's event is supported by: 

Bates White Economic Consulting, and E.CA Economics


Draft Programme:


22 June 2024

Keynote & discussion

Andreas Mundt, President of the Bundeskartellamt


Panel I - Power and Distortions 

‘Defining gatekeeper power in the platform economy’ - Alexandre de Streel, CERRE Academic Director, University of Namur

‘Ecosystems, Antitrust and Power’ - Cristina Caffara, UCL and Co-Founder Competition RPN, CEPR London

‘Perspectives on power’ - Rupprecht Podszun, Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf

‘Personal data, Privacy and Antitrust’ - Erika Douglas, Temple University

‘AI, Power & Competition’ - Elettra Bietti, Northeastern University


Comments & Reflections on Power and Distortions -

John Davies, Independent Economist and Member of the Competition Appeal Tribunal

Michal Gal, Haifa University

Hee-Eun Kim, Facebook

Hans Friederiszick, E.CA Economics

Michelle Meagher, University College London

Oke Odudu, University of Cambridge

Pinar Akman, Leeds University and Member of the Competition Appeal Tribunal

Maurice Stucke, University of Tennessee College of Law

Keynote & discussion

Ana Sofia Rodrigues, Autoridade da Concorrência


Dinner Keynote

Mike Walker, Competition and Markets Authority


23 June 2024

Fireside chat

Jonathan Kanter, Department of Justice Antitrust Division,


Panel II - The Scope and limits of competition law (enforcement)

 ‘Antitrust and Sustainability’ - Denise Hearn, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment

 ‘Antidomination and Uncertainty in Market Governance’ - Luke Herrine, University of Alabama

 ‘Labour market dynamics and competition enforcement’ - Hiba Haffiz, Boston College

 ‘Spamming the regulator’ - Helena Malikova, EU Commission


Comments & Reflections on the Scope and Limits of Competition Law -

Rachel Brandenburger, APCO Worldwide

Simon Holmes, Competition Appeal Tribunal

Alison Jones, King's College London

Barak Orbach, University of Arizona

Rachel Grinberg, Bates White

Adi Ayal, Bar Ilan University

Maarten Pieter Schinkel, University of Amsterdam