The appointment and removal of Ministers of the Crown - comparisons, convention and controversy

Event date
18 October 2022
Event time
13:00 - 14:00
Oxford week
MT 2
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Members of the University
Postgraduate Students
Faculty of Law - White & Case Room
Professor Anne Twomey

The recent revelation in Australia that the former Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, had secretly caused himself to be appointed to administer a range of government departments during the final years of his government led to a debate about the role of the Governor-General in performing functions, upon ministerial advice, which undermine constitutional principles or conventions. It also led to an unusual level of scrutiny of the machinery of government, including public gazettal of ministerial appointments, which showed a significant gap in transparency. In this talk, Professor Twomey, will discuss the failings revealed by the Morrison controversy, and provide some comparison with the position in the United Kingdom.

Anne Twomey is Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Sydney. Her book, The Veiled Sceptre, addresses the reserve powers of vice-regal officers and the monarch in a number of different countries. She also has practical experience in the machinery of government, having previously headed the Legal Branch of the Cabinet Office of New South Wales.


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