"Comparative Data Law – structures, effects, and prospects of data regulation worldwide" and "Deconstructing consumer law through data protection and market regulations"

Event date
25 May 2023
Event time
12:00 - 14:00
Oxford week
TT 5
Faculty Members
Members of the University
Postgraduate Students
IECL teaching room

Professor Dr Moritz Hennemann, Chair of European and International Information and Data Law, Faculty of Law, University of Passau, Germany

Professor Dr Francisco de Elizalde, Director of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for Law & AutomationIE Law School, Spain


Seminar Format

A sandwich lunch (with gluten free and vegan options) will be available from 12.00 in the area outside the IECL Teaching Room.

Starting at 12:30, there will be two presentations by Academic Visitors to the IECL

The Seminar will conclude by 14:00.

Please send any access or dietary requirements to the IECL Administrator.


Professor Dr Moritz Hennemann

Comparative Data Law – Structures, Effects, and Prospects of Data Regulation Worldwide

The talk will engage with the emerging field of data law from a comparative perspective.

The fundamental value and the inherent innovative dimension of personal and non-personal data is mirrored by different of forms of data governance and (non-)regulation (by the EU, for example, with the 2022 EU Data Governance Act, the proposed Data Act (draft), and the upcoming European Data Spaces regulation). Other parts of the world have chosen partly similar, partly diverging approaches. Currently and in addition, the international level has also gained ground. Manifold hard and soft law instruments are being considered in different arenas (e. g. in the realm of WTO eCommerce treaty negotiations).

Against this background, the talk will discuss different data law principles and different instruments (e. g. cross-border transfer rules), will turn to regulatory drivers (e. g. data use, data location, data attribution), will mirror distinct data-related phenomena (e. g. data divides, data (in)equality, and data cultures), and will engage the prospects of future divergence and harmonisation of data law globally.

Professor Dr Francisco de Elizalde

Deconstructing consumer law through data protection and market regulations

The presentation aims to provide a counter-view to the claim that the EU is championing consumer rights in the digital age. Instead, it is suggested that data protection and market regulations are affecting key notions in consumer law that could undermine it. Among those, are the definition of the protected parties and consent. The talk will address the transformative role of consumption, which intertwines with citizenship in the digital environment, to discuss the desirability of legal change.

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