Teresa Marques: "The Expression of Anger in Democracy"

Event date
9 March 2023
Event time
15:00 - 16:30
Oxford week
HT 8
90 High Street Lecture Room University College

Teresa Marques (Barcelona)

Notes & Changes

Abstract: This paper addresses the following question: in what contexts is the expression of anger permissible? The plan for this paper is as follows: I first present arguments in favour of the place of the expression of anger in the public domain and explain why they rely crucially on the idea that anger has fittingness or aptness conditions that include moral wrongs or moral injustice, and aims that are not retributive. If anger is apt when it is a response to moral wrongs, then its expression would likewise be appropriate and admissible under conditions of injustice, or so the argument goes. I show that it's far from obvious that anger constitutively appraises injustice. Moreover, we cannot ignore the counterproductive effects of anger, not is it established that its aim is not corrective. I conclude with some considerations about the contexts in which anger's expression is permissible.



Teresa Marques specialises in philosophy of language and has interests in metaethics, epistemology, feminist philosophy, and legal and social philosophy. Her recent work focuses on disagreement and conflicts, retractions, evaluative and normative discourse, including pejoratives, hate speech, conceptual engineering, feminism, and the interaction between language and social reality.

She has recently edited Shifting Concepts: The Philosophy and Psychology of Conceptual Variability with ├ůsa Wikforss for Oxford University Press (2020) and Collective Action, Philosophy and Law with Chiara Valentini for Routledge (2021). Her work has appeared in journals like Philosophical StudiesErkenntnisSyntheseAustralasian Journal of PhilosophyThoughtInquiryRatioPhilosophiaMetaphilosophyJournal of Applied Philosophy.



Teresa Marques, Associate Professor at the Philosophy Department of the University of Barcelona, delivers the ninth paper of Hilary Term 2023: "The Expression of Anger in Democracy". The seminar will start at 3:00pm in the 90 High Street Lecture Room of University College (note this is not our usual venue).


Enter University College through the main gate in High St. Once in the main quad head right to find the "Shelley Memorial". Walk past the memorial to find a door leading to the stairs to the second floor. Once in the second floor head to the door that indicates with a sign that you are heading to the 90 High Lecture Room. Walk through the hallway until it ends and you will see the Room to your left. The door to the seminar room will remain open.


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