Josias Senu

4 New Square Scholarship

4 New Square 2020-21 Scholar, Josias Senu

4 New Square 2020-21 Scholar, Josias Senu

Name: Josias Senu

College: Balliol

I completed my LLB in Law at the LSE in 2019 and an LLM at Harvard as a Kennedy scholar in the following year. I am currently reading for the BCL at Balliol College. In addition, I teach Contract, Tort and Jurisprudence to undergraduate students at the LSE.

Could you tell us about your journey to Oxford? Why did you choose to study at the Law Faculty?

Having enjoyed my studies of contract, tort and equity during my undergraduate degree and master’s, studying at Oxford was an opportunity to deepen my theoretical and doctrinal understanding of private law.

What do you hope to achieve whilst studying law in Oxford?

I hope to take a comprehensive snapshot of the landscape of English private law, moving away from viewing contract, tort, restitution and equity as discrete disciplines towards an understanding of how they overlap and interact.

What have you found most rewarding about your programme so far?

I have enjoyed lengthy discussions concerning key private law principles with my tutors. In particular, the tutorial-based teaching system has encouraged me to think critically and independently about my views on the law.

What have you found most challenging about your programme so far?

Reading for the BCL during the coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to connect with fellow classmates and enjoy the spontaneity of in-person teaching. Nevertheless, efforts have been made – by both the faculty and my peers – to organise numerous virtual events and socials, which I have found beneficial.

Are you involved with or joined any projects or societies? 

At my college, I was elected by popular vote as the Race and Ethnic Minorities Officer. In this role, I have been focused on championing the issues faced by those who come from ethnic minority backgrounds.

How has the scholarship benefitted your studies and professional development?

The scholarship has allowed me the peace of mind to unreservedly focus on my studies and I am confident that the BCL will improve my rigour, robustness, and time management.

Through the generosity of commercial chambers 4 New Square, this scholarship is worth £10,000 and is awarded annually to students embarking on the BCL, MJur or one year research degree (including one year of the DPhil). Available to UK , EU, and overseas students alike, this scholarship is for students with an interest in proceeding to the bar. 

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