​KE Seed Fund 

This fund provides support for early-stage innovative knowledge exchange (KE) ideas. It can also add onto existing projects, to build or develop new KE around current activities, and support documenting case studies.  For more information, see here.

This is an exceptional call of the KE Seed Fund related to the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19 and associated measures. 


Deadlines in this exceptional call are: noon on 9 December 2020 and noon on 19 January 2021.

You may also apply or enquire at any time.


Typically £2,000 to £4,000 per project. Applications for up to £5,000 are invited.


University of Oxford staff, excluding college-only staff. See the call document for full details.


By email to the Fund Manager, copied to the Fund’s email address, and copied to your authoriser. See the call document for specific details.

Call for Applications

Consideration will be given to projects whose mutual benefits might alleviate socio-economic disadvantage, advance wellbeing and cohesion, and support heavily affected sectors and communities in the ongoing circumstances of COVID-19 and associated restrictions and mitigation measures.  Consideration will be given to sectors, social groups, and communities which have been most heavily affected by COVID-19, and to maintaining creative and innovative research-led relationships with the university in times of adversity.  

Click here for the KE Seed Fund Call Details

Application Form

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Matt Smart